Maxwell v. Sheppard

Timeline created by lisbonschoolsuk
  • The Murder

    31 year old Marilyn Sheppard was four months pregnant. She was beaten 27 times with an unknown weapon which lead to her murder. A police officer found evidence of an apparent robbery. Sam said he had tried to fight the ¨bushy-haired¨ intruder.
  • The Reward

    Sam offers a $10,000 reward for the “arrest and conviction” of Marilyn’s killer a day after her funeral
  • Rejection

    Sam rejects a lie detector test
  • The Affair

    Susan Hayes is questioned by California police and admit to having an affair with Sam which he earlier denied doing
  • Arrested

    Sam is arrested and charged with first degree murder
  • Released

    Sam is released on a $50,000 bail the next day he is rearrested
  • Trial Begins

    Sam Sheppard's trial begins
  • Delays Trial

    The judge delays trial until publicity dies down
  • Testimony Ends

    Testimony ends. Prosecution seeks death by electric chair for first degree murder
  • Life behind bars

    Sheppard was found guilty. He was sentenced to life prison. He was charged with second degree murder
  • 60 Days

    The state releases Sheppard and gives the prosecutors 60 days to bring charges or the case would be permanently dismissed due to 5 years previous Richard Eberling was found with Marilyn Sheppard's jewelry.
  • Do Over

    Court concluded Sam did not receive a fair trial so he will be retried.
  • Trial 2

    Sam's second trial began.
  • Final Decision

    Sam was found not guilty