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  • Apr 6, 1564

    William Shakespere born

    William Shakespere born
    William Shakespere, who was a famous playwriter, was born around the date, 6th April 1564.
  • Apr 13, 1570

    Guy Fawkes Birth

    Guy Fawkes Birth
    Guy Fawkes, who was born prosetant, was born 13th April 1570
  • Spanish Armada begins

    Spanish Armada begins
    Spainish Armada
    the Spanish Armada was a war between the English And the Spanish. Queen Elizabeth I was a Prosestant Queen who banned Catholics from praying in public so the Spanish Fought back as they were Catholics.
  • guy fawkes's gunpowder plot

    guy fawkes's gunpowder plot
    guy Fawkes wanted to kill king James II because he banned Catholics from praying in Public
  • Edward Jenner Birth

    Edward Jenner Birth
    Edward Jenner, th man who created a vaccination for smallpox, was born 17th may 1749
  • Albert Einstien born

    Albert Einstien born
    the clever scientist was born on the 18th March 1879.
  • Period: to

    Queen Elizibeth II reign

    Queen Elizerbeth II, who is our present Queen, is the 42nd ruler since William the Conquer.
  • Royal wedding

    Royal wedding
    William and katherine were married on the 29th April 2011