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Matt Latz Life Span

  • Period: to

    Time span

  • Birth

    Born August 23, 1996 and took first steps at 10 months old
  • Growing Up

    Growing Up
    Raised in a house in Lincolnwood, IL, with a father, mother, and two brothers
  • Skating

    Started Ice Skating around 6 years old
  • Dream Job as a child

    Dream Job as a child
    Wanted to be a chef because of great cooking abilities
  • High School Hockey

    High School Hockey
    Played High School Hockey all 4 years of high school
  • Dream Job as Teen

    Dream Job as Teen
    Wanted to have a job that had something to do with hockey
  • Girl

    Meets a girl during high school
  • Finishing Collage

    Finishing Collage
    Finishes collage and Plays First NHL game following his collage hockey season
  • Scholarship

    Gets a scholarship to play hockey at UND (university of North Dakota)
  • Collage Hockey

    Collage Hockey
    Goes to UND and plays collage hockey for the fighting Sioux.
  • Draft

    Gets drafted by ST. Louis Blues(NHL hockey team) at age 18
  • Degree

    Gets a degree in Sports Management
  • Records

    Sets many records in NHL
  • Marriage

    Marries girl from high school at age 25
  • Awards

    Receives many awards during NHL career
  • Children

    Has 6 children(3 boys, 3 girls) at age 28
  • Another Child

    Another Child
    Has another child at age 29 (boy)
  • Retires

    Retires with ST. Louis Blues at age 45
  • Scouting Job

    Scouting Job
    Gets job with Blues organization in the scouting department at age 46
  • Jersey Retired

    Jersey Retired
    Gets jersey retired at Scottrade center (home of the blues) at age 50
  • Induction into Hockey Hall of Fame

    Induction into Hockey Hall of Fame
    Is inducted into hockey hall of fame at age 58
  • Officially Retires

    Officially Retires
    Retires from job with blues at 65
  • Sons are Drafted

    Sons are Drafted
    All of sons get drafted into NHL
  • Charity

    Donates 1 million dollars to charity
  • Death

    Dies on August 23, 2080