Martin Luther King, Jr.

By HMapuhi
  • Born

  • MLK as kid

    MLK as kid
    White shopkeeper told him to wait rather than helping them like he did for white people.
  • MlK young in college

    MlK young in college
    Martin went to Morehouse College at the age of 15 years old.
  • MLK going back to school

    MLK going back to school
    In September MLK went back to college he went to Crozer Theological Seminary a school of religion.
  • MLK falling in love

    MLK falling in love
    On June 18 1953 MLK got married to Coretta at the Scotts home in Marion Alabama.
  • MLK has a baby

    MLK has a baby
    Yolanda Denise was born MLK called her Yoki for short.
  • MLK 2nd baby

    MLK 2nd baby
    MLK's 2nd kid MLK3 was born October 23 1957 2 years after his sister Yoki.
  • MLK 3rd baby!

    MLK 3rd baby!
    Another baby was born named Dexter Scott King.
  • MLK last child😢

    MLK last child😢
    MLK had one last child named Bernice Albertine King.
  • MLK dies😢

    MLK dies😢
    MLK sadly died but he did so many things and fought for black people.
  • MLK the dream goes on

    MLK the dream goes on
    MLK had a dream and it went on so today he is famous for what he did to help black people have the right to do things that they could not do in the past.