Martin Luther King Jr.

By tarvea
  • Born

    He was born in atlanta,georgia
  • Information

    He believed that all races should come together and be one great big family.
  • Nobel prize

    he won the nobel prize
  • The great march

    The great march
    he lead a march to Washington, D.C. where he delivered his great "I have a dream" speech and later his dream came true
  • Death

    He was standing tside his hotel room in Memphis,Tennessee
  • Problems

    he was sent to jail for 20 times because of what he and others believed in
  • Afeter

    After he was released he wasn't going to stop what he was doing he wanted every body to change.
  • Another March

    Another March
    He lead another march trough the town with both races and police were sent there to stop them. some of them were beaten and throwed in jail.