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Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Michael Luther King Jr. is born

    Michael Luther King Jr. is born
    Born in Atlanta,Georgia to teacher Alberta King and Baptist minister Michael Luther King. He was originally named Michael, but King later changed his name to Martin.
  • King marries Coretta Scott

    King marries Coretta Scott
    After meeting Scott, King married the New England Conservatory student. They returned to Boston where they had met after the marriage where Coretta finished her work in school and King recieved his Ph.D. The two would eventually have two sons and two daughters.
  • MLK's house bombed

    MLK's house bombed
    During the bus boycott, while King was giving a speech at the First Baptist Church, his home was bombed by white haters.
  • Bus boycott in Montgomery Ends

    Bus boycott in Montgomery Ends
    After 382 days of King leading the boycott of segregated buses in Montgomery, the Supreme Court of the US declared the laws reguarding segregation unconstitutional. The leadership he displayed through out the whole event earned King a nation-wide reputation.
  • "I have a dream" speech

    "I have a dream" speech
    In in peaceful march in on Washington, D.C., in front of 250,000 people, King delivered his most famous "I have a dream" speech in which he addressed the major civil rights concerns.
  • King recieves a Nobel Peace Prize

    King recieves a Nobel Peace Prize
    At age thirty-five, he was the youngest person to ever recieve the honor. King earned $54.123 in winnings, all of while he put forth to further the civil rights movement.
  • Martin Luther Kings Assasination

    Martin Luther Kings Assasination
    While standing on a balcony in Memphis, Tennessee during a protest march for striking garbage workers, King was shot.