Marquis de lafayette

Marquis de Lafayette

  • Birthday Date

    Birthday Date
    Marquis de Lafayette was born in Auvergne, France. Born to a noble family who has many generations of soldiers from famous battles.
  • Fahters Death

    His father died when during the Seven Year War, while fighting for the King in Minden, Germany.
  • Mother Leaves

    After his father died his mother moved to Paris and left Marquis with his grandmother. His grandmother’s generosity and fair minded treatment to her servants formed some of Lafayette’s character.
  • Mother Dies

    Madame de Lafayette, Marquis's mother dies at the age of 30.
  • Joins Army

    Lafayette enters the Royal Army in France.
  • Grandfather Dies

    Lafayette’s grandfather dies and Marquis inherits a great fortune including estates, investments, and farms. He becomes one of the wealthiest people at 13.
  • Attends Military Academy at Versailles

    Lafayette is accepted to the Kings Musketeers and begins attend the Military Academy at Versailles.
  • Noailles Regiment

    He becomes a Brevet Lieutenant in the Boailles Regiment because of his future father in law.
  • Marries

    Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch-Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette marries Adrienne de Noailles. She is a descendent from a wealthy family also
  • Period: to

    The American Revolution

  • Learning about the Revolution

    Marquis de Lafayette meets with Duke of Gloucester who was the brother of King George. Here Lafayette learned about the colonist up rise over taxes. He also learns about General George Washington, The Battle of Lexington, and the victory for taking Fort Ticonderoga. Lafayette decides to join the Americans and help them fight.
  • Lafayette arrives in South Carolina

  • Becoming a General

    Marquis arrives in Philadelphia where he becomes a Major General. He meets General George Washington in the City Tavern and they become very good friends.
  • Baptism of Fire

    He is wounded by a bullet being shot through his leg.
  • Successful Attack

    He was sent by a General to observe Cornwallis in New Jersey. He attacked although he was outnumbered and was able to defeat Hessians.
  • March into Valley Forge

  • Iroquois Support

    Lafayette gets help form the Iroquois to help the Americans. He was able to recruit 50 Oneidas.
  • Scouting the British

    Marches to Barren Hill from Valley Forge with 2200 troops to scout the British in Philadelphia.
  • Escape

    Escapes from 16,000 British controlled troops.
  • Return to France

    Returns to France to get help from the French government for Washington who is in desperate need of supplies and troops.
  • Conferences

    Argues with Vergennes and Maurepas for aid for George Washington.
  • Death of a Friend

    French soldiers try to take Savannah from the British but failed and a good friend of Lafayette’s, the Count Casmir Pulaski, died.
  • First Child

    Lafayette has his first child who is name George Washington Lafayette after his good friend General George Washington.
  • Help Needed Faster

    Lafayette tried to speed up Washington’s help by explaining the dangers if the British were to win and the conditions of Washington’s army. The King agrees to speed up.
  • Formal Send-Off

    Dressed in his American General uniform Lafayette is formally sent-off by the Kind and Queen of France.
  • Help for America

    King Louis gives Lafayette a message for General Washington. He says to explain that 6,000 elite troops, artillery pieces, ammunition, ships, and money were coming. Later Washington credited Marquis de Lafayette for the help of the French.
  • Sail for America

    Lafayette sets sail for America.
  • Lands in America

    Lafayette lands in America at the Boston Harbor where he is greeted as a hero.
  • Recognized

    He is honored by Congress as gallant a meritorious.
  • Stop Cornwallis

    Lafayette is instructed by George Washington to help Nathanael Greene to stop Cornwallis destruction of Virginia. He succeeds and saves Virginia.
  • Retreat to Yorktown

    Lafayette makes Cornwallis evacuate and retreat to Yorktown. He is trying to corner the troops, but is then forced to wait for George Washington until his troops arrive.
  • Period: to

    Cornering Cornwallis

    Lafayette successfully corners Cornwallis and his troops at Yorktown.
  • Recognization of Power

    Washington recognizes and appreciates Lafayette’s control over American troops.
  • Independence for America

    Cornwallis surrenders and Independence is won for America.
  • Return to France

    Leaves on the Alliance to go back to France.
  • Celerbrated

    Lafayette is celebrated by being given a formal reception by the King of France and Queen Marie Antoinette. He is recognized as a "Hero of 2 Worlds". He was promoted to Marechal De Camp or the Major General is France.
  • Second Child

    Adrienne, Lafayette’s wife, gives birth to Virginie, named after the State of Virginia.
  • Le Chavalier de Saint James

    Lafayette was given the medal Le Chavalier de Saint James. A very prestigious and important achievement from serving in the American Continental Army.
  • Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence is signed and America is free.
  • Period: to

    Estate General

    He is elected to Estate General in Paris. Lafayette is very outspoken about religious freedom and the abolishment of slavery. He was a leader of liberal aristocrats.
  • Honorary Doctor of Law

    Received an honorary doctor of law degree from both the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University.
  • Becomes a Citzen

    Marquis becomes an honorary American Citizens in Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts.
  • Changing the Government

    Lafayette wants to change the Estates General to a National Assembly and uses his experience and knowledge of the American Constitution to re-form the system of justice.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man the Citizen

    Is the first Frenchman to talk about his idea and version of the Declaration of the Rights of Man the Citizen in the National Assembly in Paris.
  • Elected VP of L'Assemble in Paris

  • Beginning of the French Revolution

    The beginning of the French revolution. Lafayette order soldiers to storm Bastille. After he send the key to George Washington as a gift. This act marks the begging in of the end of the injustice government in France.
  • Receives a Doctor of Law from Princeton University

  • Demand for Arrest

    Lafayette and all other aristocrats are being demanded for arrest, tried for treason and executed.
  • Capture of Lafayette

    To escape persecution he flees to Belgium where he is caught and given to Austria and held as a prisoner. Lafayette tries to argue that he is an American citizen but he is ignored.
  • Adrienne is Arrested

    Adrienne de Lafayette, Marquis de Lafayette's wife, is arrested at Chateau Chavaniac by police and stays there indefinitely.
  • Olmutz Prisoner

    He is a prisoner at the Olmutz Prison.
  • Adrienne is Saved

    Adrienne is not executed at the prison because of Gouverneur Morris, the wife of James Monroe, and other Americans because of the pressure the y put on officers and the government.
  • George Washington Lafayette is sent to America

    George Washington Lafayette is sent to stay with George Washington in America until everything settles down.
  • Joining Lafayette

    Adrienne and her 2 daughters arrive at the prison Lafayette is at because they asked to join him. The conditions are very poor in the cell but Lafayette is overrun with emotions because they wanted to come and stay with him.
  • Lafayette Goes Free

    Thanks to America and their help Lafayette and his family go free.
  • Return of the Family

    The whole family gets to be together again because George Washington Lafayette comes back from America to France.
  • Adrienne Dies

    Adrienne de Noallises dies at the age of 47.
  • Period: to

    Chamber of Deputies

    Supports liberal polices for the ordinary person in the Chamber of Deputies.
  • Honored in America

    Lafayette is invited to the US as an honored guest by President James Monroe.
  • Period: to

    Visiting Philadelphia

    He gives a memorable speech in Philadelphia that will never be forgotten.
  • Overthrowing the King

    Commands the National Guard the helps overthrow the King.
  • Polish Revolution

    Supports the Polish revolution by giving speeches in the Chamber of Deputies, giving financial support, and becoming a founder of the Polish Committee.
  • Help for Poland

    Lafayette tried to get French government support to help with Poland.
  • Death Date

    Marquis de Lafayette dies in Paris 4 months before his 77th birthday.
  • Lafayette is Buried

    Marquis de Lafayette is buried next to his wife in Paris. George Washington Lafayette scattered American soil on his grave so he had his wish to be buried in American soil. An American flag is flown at his grave for scarifies that he made for America.