Marilyn Monroe

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    Marilyn Monroe

  • Death of Otis Monroe

    Otis Monroe was Marilyn's biological grandfather. He died in a mental institution.
  • Gladys, Marilyn's mother (14), marries Jasper Baker

  • Della marries Charles Grainger

    Months after Della and Charles are married, Charles flees to Borneo after realizing how crazy Della was becoming.
  • Gladys informs Della that she is pregnant

  • Birth of Marilyn Monroe

    Birth name was Norma Jean Baker.
  • Death of Della Monroe Grainger

    Della died in a mental institution due to heart failure after a manic seizure. She was burried at Rose Dale Cemetery in Los Angeles, next to Otis Monroe.
  • Della tries smothering Marilyn (During the summer)

  • Gladys released from institution (Date not specified)

  • Norma is now a blonde (Spring)