Mc 10

Marie Curie

  • Birth

    Marie Curie is born.
  • Mother's Death

    Mother's Death
    ( I don't know whhat day she died)
    Marie's mother died from tuberlculosis when Marie was only 10.
  • Floating University

    Floating University
    Marie attended the illegal night school known as the "Floating University because women weren't allowed at the University of Warsaw.
  • New School

    New School
    Marie enrolls in Sorbonne.
  • Future Husband

    Future Husband
    In the spring of 1894 Marie Curie meets Pierre.
  • Marrige

    Marie marries Pierre.
  • Irene

    Their first daughter is born.
  • Polonium

    Marie & Pierre discover polonium.
  • Radium

    A few months afterr discovering polonium Marie & Pierre discover radium.
  • First Nobel Prize

    First Nobel Prize
    Marie & her husband won the Nobel prize in Physics.
  • Eve

    Their second dayghter Eve is born.
  • Husband's Death

    Husband's Death
    Pierre dies in a street-car accident.
  • Second Nobel Prize

    Second Nobel Prize
    Marie Curie wins the Nobel Prize again but in chemistry.
  • Death

    Marie dies of Luekeumia in France.