Maria Theresa

  • birthday

  • mercury thermometer

    Daniel Fahrenheit invented the mereury thermometer
  • Maria and her friend running away

    Maria Theresa was 8 when her and a friend ran away but they did get fare they got cought they got punish by Frederick the Great
  • Marry for love

    Maria Theresa got prmitted to marry for love she choice Duke Franis Stephen from Lorraine
  • Became Holy Roman Empress

    Maria Theresa became Holy Roman Empress from 1740 to 1780. She ruleld during the difficult period in Austria
  • War of Britan and Prussia

    the seven year war of 1756 would have to involve prussia and Britan on one side against Austria, France, Spain Sweden and Russian on the outher began when Frederick invaded saxony in 1756
  • steam engien

    James wett crated the steam engien in 1769
  • death day

    she died on November 26 1780