Many famous discoveries and inventions were created by accident.

  • Dynamite

    dynamite was created by Alfred Nobel in 1867. He began to experiment with nitroglycerin, and eventually he accidentally found a way to tame the substance by mixing it with kieselguhr
  • Chewing Gum

    Chewing Gum
    The chewing gum was invented by Thomas Adams in 1870.
    Thomas Adams was experimenting with chicle, the sap from a South American tre, he was looking for a substitute for rubber.
    He was working when he put a piece into his mouth and he liked it!
  • The First Artificial Sweetener

    The First Artificial Sweetener
    Saccharin, the first artificial sweetener was discovered by Constantin Fahlberg in 1878. The Russian chemist was working in the lab of chemistry when he accidentally tasted some of the chemicals he was working with and realized how sweet they were
  • The Microwave.

    The Microwave.
    The microwave was invented by Percy Spencer in 1946.
    He was experimenting by aiming the tube to other items, such as eggs and popcorn grains. He concluded that the microwave energy was affecting the objects.