Mama B Chinese Communist Revolution

  • Opium War

  • Treaty of Nanjing (spheres of influence established)

  • Boxer Uprising

  • Sun Yixian takes control of China (civil war)

  • Sun Yixian dies. Jiang Jieshi (JJ) takes over.

  • Japanese invade Manchuria

  • Mao's Long March

  • Rape of Nankjng

  • Bombing of Hiroshima

  • JIeng Jieshi retreats to Taiwan. Mao forms the People's Republic of China

  • Great Leap Forward

  • Period: to

    30 million Chinese die in famine

  • Beginning of the Cultural Revolution

  • China detonates hydrogen bomb

  • United States President Nixon visits China

  • Mao dies

  • Deng Xiaoping takes control of China.

  • Tiananmen Square protest