Malcolm Fairley

  • The first crime

    The Fox entered a house in Linslade, England before later breaking into another house in Linslade and assaulting a 73-year-old woman in her bed but she resisted him and fled
  • 2nd crime

    2nd crime
    he stole a 12 bore double- barrelled shotgun, cartridges, and $450 from a house in Cheddington. That same night he sexually assaulted a 35 year old man
  • 3rd crime

    Fairley entered a house in Grove Park, Tring and stole a 12 bore single-barrelled shotgun, a box of cartridges, and a hackshaw
  • 4th crime

    The Fox broke into an empty house in Heath and Reach. On the same night he went to a house in The Heath, Leighton, and shot at the householder, who lost a finger
  • 5th crime

    The Fox broke into a home in Bideford Green and stood over a young couple in bed. He tied them up. The woman screamed, scaring him off.
  • 6th crime

    A couple who lived near Bluebell Woods, Linslade, were woken at gunpoint and tied in their own clothes. He raped the woman and fled.
  • Spotted

    An Edlesborough homeowner scared off The Fox when he was spotted outside a kitchen window.
  • 7th crime

    The Fox broke into another home brandishing a shotgun. He bound an 18-year-old girl, her 17-year-old brother and her 21-year-old boyfriend. He then raped the girl twice before indecently assaulting the two men.
  • 8th crime

    8th crime
    The Fox raped a women in her home in Brampton, South Yorkshire. The Fox tied one leg of each of the couple together, searched the house then indecently assaulted the woman. He raped the woman before cutting out a square of the bedding to ensure semen-stained material would not be found by the police.
  • Leaving evidence

    Leaving evidence
    After leaving his gun and mask, The Fox reversed his car into the bushes. The paintwork from his car was left on the branches.
  • Period: to

    Linking evidence to a suspect

    Police were able to recover the paint he left on the branches. Forensic Science were able to identify the color as harvest yellow. The paint was a type of car paint used by the motor vehicle company British Leyland, more specifically on one particular model – the 1973-1975 Austin Allegro. Less than 1500 of the color car was sold in the UK.
  • 9th crime

    He had returned to the south and broke into a house in Bradwell Village, Milton Keynes, and attacked a woman with a knife.
  • Caught

    Police saw the scratches on Fairley yellowAustin Allegro when questioning him. Malcom Fairley, The Fox, was arrested at his home in Kentish Town, London at 7:30pm and taken to Dunstable police..
  • Court

    Malcolm Fairley apperead at Dunstable Court and was faced with three charges of rape, two burglaries, and possession of a firearm. The crowd cheered while he was escorted by the police, his head covered in a blanket
  • Sentenced

    Malcolm Fairley, The Fox, received 6 life sentences at St.Albans Crown Court. He pleaded guilty to 13 charges including 3 rapes, 2 indecent assaults, 3 aggravated burglaries, and 5 burglaries