Major Ethical Philosophies

  • Aristotle

    -He was born in 354 BC at stageira in Thrace.
    - Son of Nicomachus a physician of the Macedoniar king, arnyntas
    - He argued that virtuous are good habits that acquire, which regulate our emotion
  • Plato

    • An ancient Greek philosopher who lived from 428 to 346 BC, was practically any standards basic disciple of the equally renowned philosopher Socrates.
    • Is regarded as one of the greatest philosopher of all time. -Having been inspired in the field of Mathematics. -He held moral values are objective in the sense that they exist in a spirit like realm.
  • Augustine

    -Born in Tagaste in the province of Numidie
    -He came from a pagan father, Patricius and Christian Mother, St Monica
    - His ethics has this in common with one might call typical Greek ethics.
  • Jeremy Benthem

    Jeremy Benthem
    • He presented one of the earliest fully developed systems of utilitarianism
    • A revised version of utilitarianism called rule utilitarianism.
  • Immanuel Kant

    Immanuel Kant
    -Kant born in Konigsberg on April 22 1724 and son of a soddler. Both as a child at home and a Collegium
    - Kantian ethics synthesizes a single principle of duty
    - Kant believes the morality of all actions can determine by appealing to this single principle of duty.
  • Thomas Aquinas

    Thomas Aquinas
    • The Moral philosophy if St. Thomas Aquinas involveds a merger of at least two apparently disparate tradition.
    • On the other hand Aquinas follow Aristotle in thinking that an act is good or bad depending on whether I contribute to or defers us from our human proper end the telos or final goal at which all human actions aims.