Maestro Timeline

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    Maestro Timespan

  • 1967

    Paul is introduced to his piano teacher Keller in Darwin 1967. After the second lesson, Paul becomes quite irritated with Kellers teaching procedures as Paul is not allowed to play. This results in Paul calling Keller a 'nazi' from frustration. Curiousity into finding out Kellers past is followed up and Pauls parents realise he has a direct connection to Lisszt and also has a wife and child. Paul finds himself lusting over Megan Murray however his interest is only sexual.
  • 1968

    Paul is joined in the music at lunchtimes by the new girl in town, Rosie Zolla who shows clear interest in Paul, however at this poiint Paul only see's her as a friend. Paul has a look at Kellers scrapbook which consists of clippings of newspaper articles, however Paul takes it home and his father prohibits him from reading it. Pauls family attend the Botianical Gradens concert of which Keller arrives drunk and Rosie sits next to Paul. Rosie and Paul realise their attraction for eachother.
  • intermezzo

    Paul and his family holiday in Adelaide. Paul takes interest into visiting the local library to gather information on Kellers past. While Paul is reserchin, he discovers a couple having sexual intercourse in the isle next to him of which he is curious about.
  • 1974

  • Adelaide

    Paul is entered into a piano competition by Keller and travels to Adelaide to play. Keller joins him as his accompanist. Keller stays in a local motel and does not drink any alchohol during his stay however reads newspaper articles and the music peices instead. Paul stays in his grandparents home of which Reggie Lim and Whitely come to visit. Paul is drawn between two musical worlds at his grandparents- the piano and Reggie and Whitelys passion for the drums.
  • Vienna

    Paul tries to search for the true Keller whilst travelling in Austria. He thinks back to his most recent conversation with Keller attempts to retrace fragments of Kellers complicated life. Paul takes a trip to visit Henisch of whom tells Paul that Keller played for the Nazis in 1938, he thinks Kller is dead due to his imprisonment in Ayschwitz. Paul is given a recording of Kellers concert for the Nazis.
  • 1977

    Paul sits with Keller while he slowly dies from his past ingestion of alchohol and smoking. Paul mourns his death.
  • 1968

    Paul has his first sexual experience with Megan murray however only sees her as a friend. Paul later has a sexual experience with Rosie and starts a long-term relationship with her.
  • 1974

    Keller has dinner with Pauls family. Keller drinks too much and Paul decides what occupation he would like to pursue after graduation. The night before Paul moves South, he visits Keller t say goodbye of which Keller tells Paul of his past. Cyclone Tracey occurs of which Keller fortunately survives by hiding benath his piano before later moving in with Pauls parents in Adelaide.