Maestro Book Timeline

By 002563
  • The Beginning - Self Exploration (1967)

    The Beginning - Self Exploration (1967)
    15 year old Paul Crabbe.
    The setting is in Darwin, and the particular way it is portrayed is the humid environment and the "low-culture" atmosphere.
    The book places the Crabbe family in a juxtaposed position in comparision to the Darwin Culture.
    This chapter is where Paul has his first lesson with Keller. Here Paul learns his limits in Kellers presenence, here he learning that he must "start over" with learning the Piano. This chapter is about introducing Paul, and shows his self-discovery.
  • Period: to

    "Maestro" - Peter Goldsworthy

    This timeline displays the main events in the book that essentially shape Paul Crabbe's character in; values, attitudes and beliefs.
  • Developing Relationships (1967)

    Developing Relationships (1967)
    Both Keller and Crabbe's walls slowly eat away, and slowly they both open up to each other. Whether that be excepting of Keller in Pauls case. Or in Keller's case expressing long-held-secrets to Paul. With Crabbe becoming more and more interested they become closer in a relationship sense, due to them talking more and essentially 'getting-on.'
  • Breaking Down Barriers (1967)

    Breaking Down Barriers (1967)
    With Keller showing his more vulnerable side (emotional side) Paul becomes more and more interested. Learning about Kellers past is essentially a journey for Paul, something that guides Paul into becoming a well-shaped young man.
  • An Awakening (1967)

    An Awakening (1967)
    With Paul experiencing the effects of being a young man, he is intisipated to grow in maturity. With a sexual awakening (literally) he becomes more confident. Whish is a strong attribute that is carried through the book from then on as a part of Paul's particular character. This confidence in shown when interactions with Megan and Rosie, and the school boys.
  • Reviewing Thoughts (1968)

    Reviewing Thoughts (1968)
    Within this chapter of the book, Paul discovers that Rosie becomes more 'attractive' and 'beautiful,' then he initially thought. Paul becomes more aware of the opportunities of wanting a relationship with Rosie. Paul displays a true appreciation of beauty with and within Rosie. After acting like a typical teenage male (sleeping with Megan - easy character) he stops to think about how Rosie is more suited for him. This shows the audience that he has matured, and learned the true reality of it.
  • Ruff Stuff (1969)

    Ruff Stuff (1969)
    Paul offically started a band with the bullies at school and named the band "Ruff Stuff." With him playing the part as the Pianist, he demsontrates leadership in stepping up to the mark by starting such a band. Taking the reins with organising stuff it shows Paul joins this group to demonstrate his talents to others, and to also prove that he is good at what he chooses.This starting of the band shows the inclusion of others and ambition Paul brings to the group.
  • Priorities (1973)

    Priorities (1973)
    Paul is caught in-between. Keller chooses to finally open up about his past and all Paul has on his typical male mind is going to see Rosie. With new priorities, Paul fails to see the importance of finally discovering the true Keller. He chooses to spend time with his girlfriend at the vital time Keller chooses to reveal the long-awaited details Paul has been seeking to answer. With choosing Rosie over the Maestro, Pauls charcacter proves that he is unable and incapable of maki mature decisions.
  • Christmas Fury (1973)

    Christmas Fury (1973)
    After recieving a letter from the Maestro, Paul is angry at him for his suggestion for Paul to start over with easier stuff with his music playing. This shows paul has not changed throughout the book due to his same reaction at the start of the book, this evidently shows Paul cannot take criticism. It also shows he is reluctant to put himself out to improve where he is obviously falling down. Pauls character does not take 'help' well.
  • Discoveries (1975)

    Discoveries (1975)
    Paul is travelling the world in hope to spark his talent as a musician. Meeting with Kellers friend he is made aware of all the details he has been searching to answer for years. With Henisch making Paul aware that Keller is apparently 'dead,' Paul is forced to blurt out details Keller not necessarily wanted airing. This act of Paul's shows the true colours of Paul, the attribute of stepping on your friends to help yourself. This selfish act is something that is part of Kellers personality.
  • Passing Judgement (1976)

    Passing Judgement (1976)
    After all the things the Maestro and Paul have been through, after the passing of Keller, Paul is forced to reflect on his life to date. Crabbe pictures the Maestro being in Cyclone Tracy, and how he has acted over the years towards him. Pauls reaction throughout the book was to reflect on his times with the Maestro, this shows his caring side. Once the Maestro dies, he reflects on his life. When Paul visited him everyday in the hospital the audience is then exposed to his loving,close-nit side.