Mackenziei Edson; 3 W

  • 200


    200 B.C- Greek physician Galen observes copper mines and notes the danger of acid mist.
  • 201

    Renewable Energy

    2011- Renewable energy could power 80% of the world.
  • 460


    460-377 B.C- Greek physicians Hippocrats notes the effect of food occupations and climax in causing diseases.
  • May 2, 1000

    Middle Ages

    Middle Ages
    Bubonic Plague hit's hard.
  • May 2, 1257

    Queen Eleanor

    1257- Queen Eleanor of Provence is forced to leave Nottingham Castle due to heavy coal smoke fouls the air.
  • May 2, 1347

    Bubonic Plague

    1347-1350- Bubonic plague kills on third of 75% of Europe and Asia’s population.
  • May 2, 1366

    Animal Waste

    1366- City of Paris forces butchers to dispose animal waste outside city limits.
  • May 2, 1388

    Parilament passes act

    1388- Parliament passes an act forbidding throwing of filth and garbage into ditches, rivers, and any other body of water.
  • May 2, 1560

    John Evelyn

    1560-1600- John Evelyn writes “Fumifugiun, Or The Inconvenience Of The Era And Smoke Of London Dissipated” to propose remedies for air pollution problem.
  • Warning Shot

    1666- Japan’s shot gun warns damage of erosion, flooding due to deforestation.
  • Enlightment Era

    Enlightment Era
    Sea Coal is being loaded on ships.
  • "Sea Coal"

    1700- 600m ships are engaged to haul “sea coal” from new castles to London.
  • England

    1709- England uses coal instead of wood for manufacturing iron.
  • Rabies

    1721-1728- Rabies epidemic sweeps across eastern Europe.
  • Alcohol

    1723- Lead in alcohol causes serious stomach pains.
  • Hospital

    1741- Founding hospital of London established.
  • Thypus Epidemic

    1750- Thypus epidimic sweeps through London killing thousands including Lord Mayor.
  • Experiments on coal

    1760-First experiments on use of coal-gas for lighting by coal mine owner.
  • Ben Franklin

    1762-1769- Philadelphia committee led by Ben Franklin attemps to regurlate waste disposal and water pollution.
  • Percival Pott

    1775- English scientist Percival Pott finds that coal is an unusually high incidence for chimney sweeps to get cancer.
  • Ben Franklin's Will

    1789- Ben Franklin leaves money in his will to build fresh water pipelines.
  • Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution
    First gas light invented in this era
  • First Gas Light

    1812- First gas lights introduced in London.
  • Child Labor

    1816- First Parliamentary commissions to investigate child labor.
  • Swear System

    1842- English engineers lay out swear system.
  • Griscom's

    1845- Griscom’s Ney York City sanitary report re-issued.
  • Chlora Epidemic

    1848- Chlora epidemic kills 62,000 Britons.
  • Dr.Elizabeth Blackwell

    1853- Dr.Elizabeth Blackwell, first US woman to be allowed to earn medical degree.
  • Tretrathyl Lead

    1854- Tetrathyl lead is first added to gas as an octan booster.
  • New York Council

    1854- New York council rules all homes have to hook up to the sewer system.
  • Solar Energy

    1860- Promoting solar energy.
  • Civil War

    1861- Civil War in US creates enormous environmental problems.
  • Progressive Era

    Progressive Era
    The first solar water heater
  • Forest Reserve Act

    1891- forest reserve act passes congress over 17.5 million acre’s set aside by 1893.
  • Clarence Kemp

    1891- Baltimore inventor Clarence Kemp patients first commercial climax solar water heater.
  • Last Chlorea breakout

    1892- Europe’s last great cholera breakout.
  • Smog Accident

    1892- 1,000 Londoners die in smog incident.
  • Womens Workday Hours

    1893- Illinois is first to pass a law limiting workday to 8 hours for a woman.
  • Strikes down woman law

    1895- Illinois State Supreme Court strikes down law about women only working 8 hours a day.
  • Sweage Cleanup

    1895- Sewage cleanup in London means the return of some fish species to Thames River.
  • Coal Smoke

    1898- Coal Smoke Abatement society formed to pressure government agencies to enforce pollution laws to England.
  • Water Buffalo Population

    1900- Water buffalo population drops to fewer then 40 animals from an estimated 30 million a century beforehand.
  • Period: to


  • Lead Poisning

    1904- Child lead poisoning first linked to lead-based paints.
  • Smallpox

    1905- Massachusetts requires all adults be vaccinated against smallpox.
  • Coal Land

    1906- 100,000 Acers of Alaskan coal land withdrawn from public use.
  • Roaring 20's

    Roaring 20's
    The dust bowl
  • New Jersey Jumps Sewage

    1921- US Supreme Court allows New Jersey to dump sewage into New York harbor.
  • Thomas Midgley

    1921- Thomas Midgley of General Mothers demonstrate car powered by 30% alcohol-gasoline blend at Indianapolis SAE meeting.
  • Leaded Gas

    1923- Leaded gasoline goes on sale.
  • Oil Pollution Act

    1924- Oil pollution Act finally passed.
  • Killer Smog

    1930- Meuse River Valley killer smog kills 63, leaving 6,00 ill.
  • Dust Bowl Storm

    1993- Dust Bowl storm begins in the Midwest.
  • Natural Gas Kills Students And Teachers

    1937- Leaking natural gas from nearby oilfield kills 295 student and teachers.
  • WWII And The Fifties

    WWII And The Fifties
    "Killer Fog"
  • Rooftop Solar Water Heater

    1941- Between 25,000 and 60,000 rooftop solar water heaters are being used.
  • War Production Board

    1944 War Production Board reports industrial accidents killed 37,600 workers and injured 210,000 permanently and 4.5 million temporary.
  • Atomic Bomb

    1945- US drops atomic numbs on Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Killer Fog

    1948- 600 deaths in London In a “killer fog”.
  • Smog Accident

    1948- Smog accident kills 20 people, and 600 hospitalized.
  • Londons Killer Fog

    1952- 4,000 people died in the worst of London’s “killer fogs”.
  • Chalf River

    1952- Chalk River nuclear test reactor explodes none killed but thousands are exposed to radioactive waste.
  • Shut Down Schools And Industry

    1954- Heavy smog conditions shut down industry and schools in Los Angeles.
  • The Seventies

    The Seventies
    You had to have leaded gas at a gastation
  • First Regional Treaty

    1972- First regional treaty to regulate dumping of radioactive wastes.
  • EPA

    1972- EPA announces all gasoline stations required it carry “non-Leaded” gasoline.
  • Gas Prices Quadrupled

    1972- Arab oil embargo panic US and European consumers- Prices quadrupled.
  • National Academy Of Science Reports

    1976- National Academy of Science report on CFS gases warn of damage to ozone layer.
  • The Eighties

    The Eighties
    Bhopal Explosion took many lives. Young and old.
  • Bhopal Disaster

    1985- Bhopal disaster killed 2,000 and another 8,000 died from chronic effects.
  • Methyl Icocyantes

    1985- Methyl icocyanate leaks from union carbide plant hospitalizing 134 people.
  • Carbon Dioxide

    1986- a cloud of carbon dioxide gas boils out of Lake Nyos, killing 1,700 people.
  • NASA

    1988- NASA reports ozone layer eroding much faster then predicted.
  • Beaches Close

    1988- Beaches close along the US East Coast due to contaminated medical waste.
  • 1990-2000

    Sodium leaks into a body of water from a cooling system for a factory.
  • Climax Change

    1990- United Nations report on climax change.
  • Breast Cancer

    1994- Women who lived near large chemical plants on Long Island run greater risk of having/getting breast cancer.
  • Anti-Social Behavior

    1996- Lead poisoning is linked to anti-social behavior.
  • EPA Air Pollution Report

    1996- EPA air pollution report that sulfur dioxide emissions declined by 40% between 1970-1990.
  • Toxic Waste

    1998- Nearly 3,000 tons of Taiwanese toxic waste were dumped in a field in southern Cambodia.
  • Earths Population

    1999- Earths population exceeds six billion.
  • Ancient Civilization

    Ancient Civilization
    Lead and murcury miners have a very dangerous work place. They can die easly by diseases or disaster's at the work site.
  • Lead and Mercury Minors

    100 A.D- Workers in lead and mercury mines and smelters are known to suffer diseases from the metals.
  • Bans Leaded Gas

    2000- European Union bans leaded gasoline as public health hazard.
  • Dam Collapsed

    2000- Over 300 bullion gallons of thick black coal slurry sludge is released when a dam collapsed. This was one of the most serious US environmental disasters east of the Mississippi River.
  • Period: to


  • World Trade Center

    2001- World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Flight 93.
  • Climate Change

    2001- National Research Council suggests that climate change may arrive very quickly.
  • Oilfield Burning

    2001- Invasion of Iraq by US and British forces leads to oilfield burning and other war-related environmental problems.
  • Electric Power Failure

    2003- Electric power failure affects 50 million people from New York to Ontario.
  • Nuclear Reactor Meltdown

    2010- Nuclear reactor meltdown explosion and spent full fires at the Fukushima power complex.
  • The 21st Century

    The 21st Century
    Black October Massacar
  • Roman Senate

    80 A.D- Roman senate passes law to protect water stored for the dry periods.