• Jan 1, 1469


    Machiavelli is born in Florence from a lawyer and his wife
  • Jan 1, 1496

    translation of "de rerum natura"

    in his youth he translate "de rerum natura" from Lucrezio in contemporary language from Latin
  • Jan 1, 1498

    Savnarola's fall

    the Savonarola's republic fall, and in florence is now instaurated a new republic in which Machiavelli would have grown as a politic man
  • Jan 1, 1502

    Pier Soderini

    Pier Soderini is nominated Gonfalonier for life, Machiavelli was his main co-worker for the whole time Pier Soderini was in charge
  • Jan 1, 1506

    he is nominated responsible for Florence's militia

    the italian title is "segretario della magistratura dei nove ufficiali dell'ordinanza e della milizia fiorentina" it means that he was responsible for the organisation of florentine troups
  • Jan 1, 1512

    detentiom and exile

    after a defeat of his militia troups the "medici"'s family is back ruling florence, he was deprived of any politic office and datained and tortured unfairily for a plot he didn't tokk part in. when he was released he decided to move out florence in a sort of willfull exile in his haouse in the countryside that he named "albergaccio"
  • Jan 1, 1525

    the prohibition for him to perform politic offices is revoked

  • Jan 1, 1527

    republic again

    after the sack of rome the medici's family leave Florence again and the florentinian republic is on again. this republic would lasto only three years because in 1530 the medici's family will be back again in Florence. ecause of his collaboration with the medici's the prohibition for Machiavelli to perform any politic office is again on
  • Jun 20, 1527

    Machiavelli dies