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  • war

    war in Scotland with Norway. Macbeth is notice for his bravery.
  • a new title

    a new title
  • first predictions

    first predictions
    this is the first time he meets the three witches. they predic Macbeth wil be the thane of Cawdor and King of Scotland. the witches also pridicted that Banquo will be the father of kings.
  • on my way..

    on my way..
    Duncan is on his way to Macbeths castel.
  • lady Macbeth fineds out Duncas is on his way

    lady Macbeth fineds out Duncas is on his way
    lady Macbeth pepares Suncans murder.
  • second thoughts

    second thoughts
    Macbeth is haveing second thoughts about killing Duncans. on the other hand lady Macbeth is prusuring him. she tells him that he is not a "man" if he dont kill Duncans.
  • the killing starts

    the killing starts
    macbeth is feeling guitly the whole time. he is having many bad thoughts. n the mean time his wife is killing bodyguards.
  • dead bodies

    dead bodies
    Macduff finds the dead body.
  • knew king

    knew king
    Macbeth is crowned king of Scotland.
  • seeing guilt?

    seeing guilt?
    Macbeth see Banbuo ghost and starts to act different since the killing.
  • new war

    new war
    macbeth thones begains to turn on him. and Macduff and malcolm is perparing war England and Scotland.
  • meet the witches again

    meet the witches again
    three new predictions are made by the witches. first one warns him against Macduf, second tell him to fear no mand born of woman. and third phopesizes that he will fall only when Biram wood comes to Dunsinane castle.