Louis armstrong

Luis Armstrong

  • Birth

    Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans Louisinana, to Mayann, and Willie Armstrong. Throughout his life, Louis claimed that his birth date was July 4, 1900, but documents found after his death confirmed the actual date to be August 4, 1901.
  • Put in the Colored Waif's home for boys

  • Waif's home band for boys

    He performs on the streets with his band for almost two years. His first instument was his voice then he gets put in the percussion section and he finally learns how to play the cornet.
  • Performs all over New Orleans

    Meets Joe Oliver, one of the most finest trompet players in New Orleans in that time. Joe Oliver becomes his mentor and teacher. He also plays all over New Orleans with the band of Honky Tonks made by Joe Oliver.
  • Joe and Louis Join the Kid Ory's Orchestra

  • Daisy Parker

    Louis Armstrong gets married to Daisy Parker.
  • Fate Marble´s Orchestra

    For the firts time of his life, Louis left New Orleans to play all over the Mississipi River.
  • Oliver´s band

    he joins Oliver's band and they move to Chicago. Louis also divorces his wife.
  • First recording in Chicago

    King Oliver (Joe Oliver) band, recorded in Chicago at Gennett studios Richmond, Indiana.
  • Lilian Hardin

    Louis marries Lilian Hardin a pianist, quits Joe Oliver´s band, and moves to New York to join Fletcher Orchestra in Ney York City with Lilian.
  • Louis makes hot five

    Louis records his first record in NY, with his new band.
  • Louis record West End Blues

  • Louis performs at Coney inn

    Louis performs with Carrol Dickeson Orchestra.
    Tommy Rockwell becomes Louis manager and he records Ain´t misbehavin and I can´t give you anything but Love.
  • First European trip

    Louis perofroms all over europe and separates from his wife. he gets a new manager, Johnny Collins.
  • Performs through the United states and London

    Louis performs in Nebraska, Indiana, Ililinois, and Kentucky, and then he retrns to London and more than ten thousand people came to watch him.
  • Joe Glaser

    Joe Glaser is Louis new manager but Joe dieed in 1969.
  • Alpha Smith

    Third wife
  • US and Canada

    Louis performs in Alabama, Canada, Mississipi, Georgia, Illinios, South Carolina and Florida.
  • Lucille Wilson

    Louis divorces Alpha Smith and Marries Lucille Wilson
  • Settling down

    Lucille and him buy a house in New Yorck city,
  • Around the world

    Louis does a world tour to the Hawaii Islands, Canda,Itally Switcherland, Scandivadia, Africa and Belguim.
  • Ambassador for the U.S Deparment, and Pepsi Cola

  • Hello Dolly

    Hello Dolly becomes the U.S number one hit back then.
  • His Death

    Two days after his birthday of turning 70, Louis Armstrong passed away and on July 8 more than 30,000 mourners solemnly file past his casket at the Seventh Regiment Armory.