Natalie Khor - Biography of Louis Braille

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  • ME- Birth of Louis Braille

    ME- Birth of Louis Braille
    Louis Braille was born in Coupvray, France on the 4th of January, 1809.
  • ME - Lost Eyesight

    ME - Lost Eyesight
    Louis was playing with one of the tools in his father's workshop. He was punching holes in a belt when the awl slipped and stabbed one of his eyes. By the time he was four, he was blind in both eyes, because the infection had spread to the other eye.
  • Cause and Effect- An Accident

    Cause and Effect- An Accident
    Because Louis Braille accidentally stabbed himself in the eye, it resulted in him losing his eyesight. The infection was spread to his other eye.
  • I - Invasion of Soldiers

    I - Invasion of Soldiers
    When Louis was 6, Russian soldiers demanded for food and beds. As Louis was already blind at that time, he must have been so scared.
  • WE- Battle of Waterloo

    WE- Battle of Waterloo
    The British defeated Napolean Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo.
  • ME - Royal Institute for Blind Youth

    ME - Royal Institute for Blind Youth
    Upon receiving the acceptance letter, Louis attended the school. There, he excelled in school and discovered his extraordinary talent for music. In the afternoons at the school, the boys spent time learning a skill. Soon after, Louis was running the slipper workshop.
  • Cause and Effect- Introduced to Night Writing

    Cause and Effect- Introduced to Night Writing
    During his time in the Royal Institute for Blind Youth, Charles Barbier visited the school and introduced the students to night writing. Louis utilized the idea and built on it to invent decapoint, later renamed Braille.
  • ME- Invention of Braille

    ME- Invention of Braille
    When he was 15, Louis invented Braille. After being introduced to night writing, Louis built on the idea and after 3 years of hard work, he had a stroke of genius and invented Braille. He had created the alphabet written in dots on a grid.
  • ME - First Writing Machine For Blind

    ME - First Writing Machine For Blind
    Louis Braille worked with Pierre Foucault. Together they made the first writing machine for the blind.
  • ME - Death of Louis

    ME - Death of Louis
    After battling tuberculosis for many years, Louis dies on January 6, 1852, two days after his birthday.
  • ME- Official Writing System

    ME- Official Writing System
    Two years after Louis Braille's death,his invention was finally recognized and used as the official writing system for the blind in France.
  • MD- Braille

    MD- Braille
    Braille is a highly effective writing system for the blind that Louis Braille invented; it is still used today by people all over the world.
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    Louis Braille (1809-1852)

    Specialized Vocabulary:
    Tuberculosis - A disease that comes from bacteria that generally attacks the lungs. Night Writing - a writing system that was used for military purposes. It allowed soldiers to read orders in the dark. Braille - A raised dot system that was invented by Louis Braille so that the blind could read and write.