William Golding

  • Birth

    Golding was born in Saint Columb Minor in Cornwall, England, on September 19, 1911. His father, Alex, was a schoolmaster, while his mother, Mildred, was active in the Women's Suffrage Movement (the movement for women's right to vote).
  • Writing Stories at a Early Life

    Writing Stories at a Early Life
    Since the age of seven, Golding had been writing stories. At the age of twelve he attempted to write a novel, but failed.
  • After Primary School

    After Primary School
    After primary school, William went on to attend Brasenose College at Oxford University. His father hoped he would become a scientist, but instead he went to study English literature instead. In 1934, a year before he graduated, William published his first book of poetry. The book was overlooked by many critics.
  • Teaching in Salisbury

    Teaching in Salisbury
    After college, Golding worked in settlement houses and the theater for a short amount of time. When he was done with theater he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps of being a teacher. In 1935, he taught English and philosophy at Bishop Wordsworth’s School in Salisbury.
  • World War ll

    World War ll
    In 1940 Golding quit being a teacher for a little while to join the Navy and fight in World War II. He spent 7 years on a boat and except for a seven-month stint in New York. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant in those years.
  • After the War

    After the War
    In 1945, after World War II had ended, Golding went back to teaching and writing.
  • Lord of the Flies

    Lord of the Flies
    William Golding published his first novel, Lord of the Flies. A classic, it is about a bunch of schoolboys crashing on an island during World War 2. As they turn on each other, readers see the savage side of humans.
  • The Inheritors

    The Inheritors
    His second novel, The Inheritors is about a group of Neanderthals who discover a group of homo sapiens.
  • Pincher Martin

    Pincher Martin
    Pincher Martin is the only survivor of a torpedoed destroyer who ends up on a huge rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.
  • Free Fall

    Free Fall
    A well-known painter reviews his life and wonders when he became guilty and why.
  • The Spire

    The Spire
    The dean of a large cathedral wants to build a 400-foot spire.
  • The Pyramid

    The Pyramid
    An 18-year-old wants to enjoy life before going to a university.
  • The Scorpion God

    The Scorpion God
    The Scorpion God is made up of 3 novels. These novels take place in Egypt, Africa, and Rome.
  • Darkness Visible

    Darkness Visible
    A child miraculously survives the holocaust of the Nazi firebombings.
  • Rites of Passage

    Rites of Passage
    Inside a warship, a young man writes to his godfather in a journal.
  • The Paper Men

    The Paper Men
    An English novelist faces a drinking problem.
  • Close Quarters

    Close Quarters
    This book comes after Rites of Passage.
  • Fire Down Below

    Fire Down Below
    This is the last book of Golding's Sea Trilogy.
  • Death

    William Golding died at the age of 81. He died in Perranarworthal, United Kingdom.
  • The Double Tongue

    The Double Tongue
    The Double Tongue is the last novel Golding wrote. However, it was found in draft form, as he did not finish writing it before he died. A fictional memoir, it is about an old woman at Delphi.