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Timeline created by maggielw
  • Birth

    William Golding was born to his mother Mildred and his father Alec. He was born in Cornwall, England
  • School

    Golding went to Brasenose College at Oxford. He spent two years studying science. His third year he switched to literature. 
  • Graduated

    Golding graduated from Oxford with a Bachelor in English and a diploma in education. 
  • Working and Relationships

    Working and Relationships
    Golding became a writer, actor, and producer in a small theater in London. He considered theater his strongest influence. Golding began teaching English and  and philosophy. He got married to Ann Brookfield and had two kids with her. 
  • Navy

    From 1940-1945 Golding went into the navy and experienced the full potential of humankind's barbarity. He had stated "Man produces evil, as a bee produced honey."
  • Release of LOTF

    Release of LOTF
    Lord of the Flies came out Golding combined his view of humanity with his experience of young school boys. The boys ways of civilization face endangerment because of the boys indulging in their embedded aggression.
  • Release of The Inheritors

    Release of The Inheritors
    Golding released a story about how the violent Homo Sapiens had achieved their victory over the Neanderthals called The Inheritors.
  • Release of Pincher Martin

    Release of Pincher Martin
    Golding released a book about that is about the survival after a shipwreck. It's about a Navy lieutenant that was throw from his ship and follows his struggles to survive.
  • Release of Free Fall

    Release of Free Fall
    Golding released Free Fall which is different than his other books because it's from a first person narrative. He uses a character called Mountjoy to make an observation on the conflict between realism and faith.
  • Full time writer

    Full time writer
    Golding left teaching to become a full time writer.
  • Release of The Spire

    Release of The Spire
    Golding released The Spire which is about a Dean of Barchester Cathedral who decides God wants a 400 foot high spire added to the top of the cathedral but it isn't strong enough to hold it.
  • Release of The Pyramid

    Release of The Pyramid
    Golding released a book about an examination of English social class with the context of a town that is ironically named Stilbourne. The main issue in the story is music.
  • Release of The Scorpion God: Three Short Novels

    Release of The Scorpion God: Three Short Novels
    Golding released a book called The Scorpion God which consists of three stories. Each story tells of negative effects caused by technological advances.
  • Release of Darkness Visible

    Release of Darkness Visible
    Golding released a novel about it's about the interdependence of good and evil. A character called Sophy plans to kidnap a child and hold them for ransom while a character named Matty tries to prevent it.
  • Release of The Paper Men

    Release of The Paper Men
    Golding released what his reviewers called his worst work. The story is about an old novelist that tries to avoid a young scholar who is trying to write his biography.
  • Death

    William Golding died in Cornwall, England.