• Birth: George Gordon Noel Byron

    Birth: George Gordon Noel Byron
    (Catherine Gordon and John Byron aka "Mad Jack")
    Byrons parents: Captain Byron or "Mad Jack" was a man who had a brief career in the Guards, a man who was disenherited by his own father, spent his time chasing after wealth, society women, and ultimately deserted his own family. Catherine Gordon was a young heiress from Scotland who would later look after Byron in his early years as his sole gardian.
  • Deformity

    Byron was born with a club-foot (a deformed right foot) was really sensitive about it. Never really got over this even in his later years.
  • Period: to

    Lord Byron

  • Succession to the title

    Succession to the title
    Lord Byron was able to inherite the title and property of his great-uncle after his death, and later on moved to Newstead Abbey, in Nottinghamshire in 1789
  • Public School

    Public School
    In 1800 he enrolled at Horrow public school
  • College

  • Start to writing.

    Start to writing.
    Fugative pieces: During, the time of November 1806 Byron had written some of his very first verses that centered about the overall them of "Unrequited love" and some mimicry of Thomas moore and his lyrics.
  • First published writing

    First published writing
    Byron's first volume of verses that was published in 1807 known as Hours of Idleness went through an onslaught of criticism by many critics
  • Gained popularity?

    Gained popularity?
    Having not given up after the release of his first publication. He then went on to publish English Bards and Scotch Reviewers in 1809 which was basically a satire aimed to his numerous critics
  • New home

    New home
    Returns to england and decides to stay in London
  • Famous? Byronic Hero?

    Famous? Byronic Hero?
    In 1812 The first two cantos of Childe Harold are published and Byron becomes on over night sucess.
    Made the idea of the "Byronic hero" a defiant, melancholy young man, brooding on some mysterious, unforgivable event in his past
  • Love Affiars

    Love Affiars
    Became notorious for the number of love affairs he would have including one that was with Lady Caroline Lamb.
  • Brother-Sister Relationship?

    Brother-Sister Relationship?
    During the summer of 1813 Byron apparently entered into a more than brotherly relationship with his half-sister Augusta Leigh, who was a mother of three daughters. In 1814 Augusta gave birth to Elizabeth Medora, who was generally supposed to be Byron's.
  • Marriage and kids

    Marriage and kids
    He finally went on to marry Annabella Mmilbanke(after his second proposal she said yes in 1814) and then has his first daughter Ada all in 1815
  • Writings written up till now

    Writings written up till now
    Time ranges from 1813-1816 poems are The Giaour, The Bride of Abydos The Corsair, Ode tp Napolean Buonaparte, Lara, Hebrew Melodies, Canto III pf Childe Harold and The Prisoner of Chillon. *His writings are classified as melancholy romanticism.
  • Seperation

    After rumors of him cheating on his wife with his half-sister Augusta Leigh Byron's wife decides to seperate from him and then Byron decideds to leave England for good
  • Daughter...

    His mistress Claire Clairmont gives birth to his daughter Allegra
  • Other Writings

    Other Writings
    The lament of Tasso and Manfred are published along with Canto IV of Childe Harold and beppo in 1818
  • Last Love

    Last Love
    Byron finally settles down with his last love Contess Teresa Guiccioli and lives in Ravenna
  • Finished Epic Work

    Finished Epic Work
    After starting it in 1819 he finally writing Don Juan with Cantos Vi-XIV being written.
  • Drops the pencil and pick up a sword

    Drops the pencil and pick up a sword
    Leaves Genoa for Greece to join the Greeks, fight against their Ottoman overlords in 1823
  • Death

    Byron meets his death at Missolonghi of fever in 1824 before seeing any military action
  • Legacy/ Other Facts

    Legacy/ Other Facts
    The most notorious Romantic poet and satirist. Byron was famous in his lifetime for his affairs with society women, Mediterranean boys, and prostitutes.