lol- League of legends

  • League of Legends

    League of Legends My first time playing League of Legends one of my best games on the internet. My friend had introduced this game to me and now i am here to try it out. It turned out to be my best game on the web and second is shaiya.
  • Tryndamere the barbian king

    Tryndamere the barbian king
    he came out my favorite cham[pion. His special is to not die for 5 seconds no matter how much damage he has taken. he can activate this effect even if he is stuned.
  • Tryndamere try out

    Tryndamere try out i beasted with him and got 300 riot points.the first time i saw him I thought he was weak but when i played him I was amazed by how good he was. He became my best right away.
  • Ashe the frost archer

    Ashe the frost archer New super awsome champion. Good looking, fast, and freezes enemies. Oh yeah! she became 3nd in my list.
  • Shaco the demon jester

    Shaco the demon jester Shaco' the most op champion. I hate him he ki9lls me so easyialy. He can kill anyone, but tryndamere is too strong for him.
  • gang plank the pirite

    gang plank the pirite
    Gang plank nuke al the way. Super 600feet cannon barrage. Super fast and high damage to kill everyone in his path.
  • Garen - The Might of Demacia

    Garen - The Might of Demacia
    Garen fast spin killer. Protector of Demacia. His ult is to deal 500 damage to the opponent that you chose.
  • Shen the blood ninja

    Shen the blood ninja
    Shen the blood ninja, The tank and hybrid front line attacker. Quick teleport to partners to help defend. his special ability is to teleport to a near by friendly unite and while teleporting to the unit the unit get's a shield for 5 sec.
  • Brand the volcano monster

    Brand the volcano monster
    Super high attack. his special is to throw a flying fire ball and the ball will hit the closest 3 enemies. If it hits you the fire ball could kill you or make you lose alot of life.
  • Wu knog the monkey king

    Wu knog the monkey king
    Special spin the staf around knocking the enemies up in to the air The enemy or enemies then will be stun for .5 seconds. the stun will effect weather you lose or win the game. if they have a good wu kong the you know that you are going to lose.
  • Shavina the dragon tamer

    Shavina the dragon tamer
    Turnes into a dragon and eats you up like a monster. The special turns her into a dragon and flies to the location damaging all the enemies on the path. Leaves a trail of fire behind so thay the enemies following will be damaged.
  • Karthus - The Deathsinger

    Karthus - The Deathsinger
    Death bringer. also known as the reaper. His passive is that when he's dead he stays in the same spot. but can still use his skills. His special is that he can launch a damaging skull at all enemy champions.
  • Master Yi - The Wuju Bladesman

    Master Yi - The Wuju Bladesman
    Super fast hight attack. his special is that he can run fast. this special ability is able he help him surive from any gank.
  • Ryze - The Rogue Mage

    Ryze - The Rogue Mage
    Raze a powerful magician that destroyes anything it touches. Trows super fast stun. Throws electricity at people. Big effect on one person.
  • Xin Zhao - The Seneschal of Demacia

    Xin Zhao - The Seneschal of Demacia
    Super cool and fast fighter. The killer of all titans. Also know as the master of the spear.