(LN) Slam! by Walter Dean Myers, Fiction

  • Chp. 1-7, Pgs. 1- 72

    Greg Harris is one of the best basketball players in Southern California. He is only a junior in high school and has multiple college scholarships from around the country. He practices everyday on his own and has practice with his team. He is one of the most dedicated players on his team. (996)
  • Chp. 8- 13, Pgs. 73- 137

    Greg Harris is getting ready for his junior year in high school. The basketball season is just around the corner, but he might not be eligible He is already failing one class and almost failing two other classes. He wont go into class to raise his grade. (1060)
  • Chp. 14- 18, Pgs. 138- 190

    Greg Harris goes to the principles office to talk to him and an administrator about his grades. Greg says he doesnt need help by an administrator or anybody else. He thinks again after he is found ineligible for the fist couple of basketball games. (1112)
  • Chp 19-23, Pgs. 190- 245

    Greg finally goes to his administrator who helps him get his grades straightened out. Greg then is able to play basketball for his high school. Leading the state averaging 27 points per game, Greg is offered a full scholarship to Syaracuse University for basketball. (1167)