(LN) Red Dog, Bill Wallace, fiction, 185

  • 35 pages

    Adam and his dog went on a walk up in the mountains and met a mountain lion. They had fun with it and went back home, unharmed. Adams mom was mad because she didn't know where he had been. She yelled at him and he ran off and later his step dad found him. They made a bet and Adam was outsmarted and forced to go with him on a trapping route.
    1-35 total-789
  • 29 pages

    Adam hated admitting it but he had had fun on the trapping route. When he got back his little sister was playing with his dog and he yelled at her. Adam ran off into the woods and didn't come back intil dinner. After dinner he got in a fight with his mom and his step-dad beat him. Finally he learned his lesson and grew up and started taking care of his sister. He was going o na walk with his sister when some men came asking to set up camp on their land.
    36-64 total-818
  • 38 pages

    Three men came to the cabin while Sam was away. They wanted the deed to the house and they kept Laurie, Adam, and their mom captive until they could have it.
    pages 64-102 total-954
  • 32 pages

    Adam escaped to go warn Sam but two of the men chased after him with his pup. He almost got away but the men shot him. They got in a fight and the pup figured out that the men wanted to hurt Adam so he started bitting at the men.
    pages 102-134 total-1080
  • 51 pages

    The mountain lion apeared and easily killed the two men. Adam dragged his hurt dog back home. He couldn't make it all the way but he tried and got close enough to see Sam get home and shot by the third man. Adam ran down the hill and tried to fight but it was Sam who killed the man. Sam had been carring bags and the bullet hit the bags and not Sam. In the end they figured out that the mountain lion was the pups adopted mom. Every lived happily after that.
    pages 135-185 total-1131