lincolns presidency March 1861

  • lincoln into presidency

    he was elected president
  • emancipation proclamation

    stopped slavery
  • secession

    the south withdrawed from the country which started the civil war
  • ku klux klan created

    a group that was still into slavery
  • 13th Amendment: Abolishment of Slavery

    no slavery or invoulentary servitude
  • 14th Amendment: Citizenship

    all persons born or naturilized in the united states have equal laws
  • 15th Amendment: Voting Rights for Black Men

    african americans are able to vote
  • jim crow laws

    jim crow laws meant that african americans couldnt go to school with whites and couldnt outta the same fountain and they couldnt sit in the front of the bus between 1876 and 1965
  • the election of 1876

  • civil rights cases of 1883

    United States v. Stanley; United States v. Ryan; United States v. Nichols; United States v. Singleton; Robinson et ux. v. Memphis & Charleston R.R. Co