Lincoln Alexsander

By justyn
  • Lincoln Alexsander was born

    Lincoln Alexsander was born in toronto ontario who was born with dreams
  • Period: to

    linclon alexander inspring life

  • the school he went to

    lincoln alexsander had to go to alot of school but finally find a school all the way to hamiton ontario them wen to unverity at mcmasters unveritys in 1948
  • the begining of success from climbing

    he served the royal canadian air force in the second world war 2
  • when lincoln alexsander got marryed

    he got marryed in 1948 with hvonne harrison this is the year n/a date
  • a different lead to the future

    he wanted to attend lawer school and was exspect to osgoode hall law school toronto ontario
    note get the date and month
  • lincoln had success at beening a lawer

    in 1953 he was called at a bar exam and passed and became a lawer
    not correct date above
  • lincoln alexander was the first ever black canadian member of the paralement

    lincoln had great achivenment in 1968 he was elected as hamilton west candidate and becames the canadian first black to be a member of parliment
    not correct date above
  • lincoln alexander one of many award he earned

    In 1969, he was the recipient of the St. Ursula Award.
    not correct date above
  • lincoln alexander became Ontario's 24th Lieutenant Governor

    lincoln alexander Ontario's 24th Lieutenant Governor, the first member of a visible minority to serve as such in Canada.
    not correct date above
  • lincoln was never happy for what he had a never gave up to do it

    He then accepted a position as Chancellor of the University of Guelph from 1991 to 2007.
    not correct date above
  • lincoln alexander with abig heart was reconized with a another award

    Alexander became a Companion of the Order of Canada and also of the Order of Ontario.
    not correct date above
  • lincoln alexander inspiring life legany that will never be forgoten