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  • the first elictric light

    the first elictric light
    Humphry Davey may as well be farther electric light. He created the
    arch lamp.
  • the first lightbulb

    the first lightbulb
    Thomas Edisin made the fist lightbulb in 1879 Edison was trying to come up with a high resistance system that would require far less electrical power than was used for the arc lamps. It worked by passing electricity through a thin platinum filament in the glass vacuum bulb, which delayed the filament from melting.
  • while thomas edison was making the lightbulb

    while thomas edison was making the lightbulb
    While Edison was working on the whole lighting system, other inventors were continuing to make small advances, improving the filament manufacturing process and the efficiency of the bulb. The next big change in the incandescent bulb came with the invention of the tungsten filament by European inventors in 1904.