Old lightbulb 261742


  • oil lamps

    oil lamps
    The early lightbulb was made with oil.To protect the flame insuide the lamp people used glass chimneys.
  • gas lights

    gas lights
    The Gas Ligh was invented by a man named Wiliam Murdoch
  • Humphery Davey

    Humphery Davey
    Humphrey Davey invented the first ever light bulb in the world. Finally the world has light.
  • Sir Joseph Swan

    Sir Joseph Swan
    Sir Joseph Swan updated the lightbulbs to lamps
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Thomas alva edison updated both lights to the light that we have now. This is what we use from the past
  • Longlasting light

    Longlasting light
    The lilght that Humphery Davey made was not really a good lightbulb.This early light produced less light. Thomas Alva Edison was the one that found light that can last for a long time.
  • Peter Cooper

    Peter Cooper
    Peter Cooper made a very well done Vapor lamp
  • Tungsten Light

    Tungsten Light
    The Ameican, Irving had updated the light to last even longer!!!!!!!!