Life of Upton Sinclair

  • Birth

    Sinclair was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to a poor family.
  • Enters College

    At the age of 14, Sinclair enteres New York City College, soon afterwards having his first story published in a national magazine.
  • Marriage

    Married Meta Fuller. Day and month unknown.
  • The Jungle published

    After seven weeks of research, Sinclair releases his book The Jungle
  • Pure Food and Drug Act passed

    After President Roosevelt read The Jungle, he ordered an investigation on the sanitation of the meatpacking industry and eventually led to the passing of this law.
  • Married Mary Craig Kimbrough

    After his first wife Meta Fuller left him for the poet Harry Kemp, Sinclair married his second wife, Mary Craig Kimbrough. Day and month unknown.
  • Rejoined Socialist Party

    Sinclair rejoined the Socialist Party to become its candidate to become govenor of California. Day and month unknown.
  • Death

    Sinclair died in a small nursing home in Bound Brook, New Jersey.