Life of Smithy

By tedmo22
  • Birth

    Smithy was born on the 9th of February 1897 in Hamilton, a suburb of Brisbane.
  • Moved to Vancouver

    Moved to Vancouver
    Smithy moved to Vancouver in 1903 and moved back in 1907
  • Moved to Sydney

    Moved to Sydney
    Smithy moved to Sydney
  • Served in Gallipolli

    Smithy Served in the war in Gallipolli
  • Joined the Royal Flying Corps

    Smithy was invited into the Royal Flying Corps in England
  • Married

    Smithy married to Thelma Eileen Corboy
  • First trans-Pacific flight between America and Australia

  • First non stop flight across Australia

  • Married Again

    Smithy married to Mary Powell
  • Knighted

    Smithy was knighted for his services to aviation
  • Charles Arthur Kingsford Smith born

    Smithy had a Son, Charles Arthur Kingsford Smith
  • Charles Ulm Died

    Smithy's co-pilot Charles Ulm died when his ship went down over the Pacific
  • First east-bound trans-pacific flight

    This was the world's first east-bound trans-pacific flight from Australia to the USA.
  • Death

    Smithy mysteriously died, possibly on Aye Island off the coast of Burma