Life of Pi Timeline

  • Pi is Born

    This is not stated in the book but it has to have happened. This is signifacant because without there would be no Pi
  • Mamaji Teaches Pi To Swim

    This is significant as Mamaji teaches his first disciple in Pi. Also this skill will later be crucial to his survival when the boat sinks and he has to survive with Richard Parker. In the book it states "Mamaji had to wait until I came into the picture to find a willing disciple. The day i came to swimming age, which, was seven, he brought me down to the beach, spread his arms seaward and said, "this is my gift to you".
  • Father Teaches Pi And Ravi About Animals

    In the book Pi's father attempts to teach Pi about the animalistic part of nature and how dangerous it can be. To prove his point Pi's dad ties a goat to the bars and lets nature take it's course. Obviously the tiger ate the goat in front of Pi, Ravi, Mom, and Dad and Pi was disgusted. This culminated in Pi's survival knowing his limits and what he really has to do to survive being stranded with Richard Parker. Without this he would have died after the food supply for the tiger ran out.
  • Piscine Turns To Pi

    The name Piscine resembles a certain unpleasant verb in the english language. Pi was constantly bullied because of it. The students would always make fun of him for his name. Pi decided that he had had enough of this so he changed his name. Piscine Molitor Patel is now known to most as Pi. He finally stood up for himself for the first time making him more confident and less self conscious about himself.
  • Religion Is Key

    A very young 12-13 year old Pi comes across his first encounter with his two new religions (Christian and Muslim). At this young of an age it is a lot to take in but it shows his dedication and religiousness within him. It also starts a bit of conflict/tension between him, his parents, and his gurus as they all want him to partake in only one religion.
  • Bye Bye India

    Pi's family deides to sell the Pondicherry Zoo and go to Canada. For Pi Canada is the land of unkown he knows nothing about Canada but that it's cold. Also they are selling the zoo and the animals and literally picking up and leaving India with short notice. In the book they say that "Canada meant absolutely nothing to us. It was like Timbuktu, by definition a place permanantly far away".
  • TsimTsim Sinks

    The TsimTsim sinks during a storm that resulted in Pi ending up on the boat in the first place. The storm was gigantic it Pi wanted to check it out so he went up to the deck. The sailors threw him onto the lifeboat with the hyena and his journey started. The zebra leaped onto the boat. He then saved Richard Parker thinking he was a person. Lastly he saved the monkey when she floated over on a pile of bananas.
  • A Tiger And Pi

    Only Pi and Richard Parker are left on the lifeboat. Richard Parker has ran out of prey. Pi is slowly becoming more and more apealing to Pichard Parker's stomach. Now Pi has to find more ways to survive and feed this massive of a carnivore. Both of their lives are at steak and this is when Pi's creativity kicks into gear.
  • Pi's Raft

    Pi creates a raft in attempts to stay away from Richard Parker and establish a territoty as his own. He built out of oars and life jackets from the boat and this proved to be a crucial key to his survival at times when Richard Parker would get on edge.
  • Taming A Tiger

    Pi devises a plan on taming Richard Parker as he thinks that if they are going to survive there must be a mutual agreeance between the two parties. Eventually Pi does tame Richard Parker and they become very close freinds and develop almost a mutualism between them.
  • A Blind Mans French Ghost

    Pi has regressed into blindness and has nearly fully trained Richard Parker. As Pi is about to giveup he meets a gloomy French man that discusses food and death with Pi. This culminated in the man attempting to eat Pi but Richard Parker saves Pi by jumping on this man and eating him. This allowed Pi's vision to return from the screams and Richard Parker to finally eat a large meal.
  • The Island

    Pi and Richard Parker land on an island they found meerkats and ate as many plants that he could eat. Richard Parker was enjoying himself to but would always go back to the boat at night. This island saved Pi from starvation because of the massive abundance of vegatation.
  • Leaving The Island

    Pi choses to sleep in a tree on one night and drops a meerkat. He then realizes that the island is carnivorous when he sees a human tooth within one of the plants. This saved his life because if he didn't know then he could have died with one accident.
  • Journey Ends

    Pi and Richard Parker land on the shore of Mexico. Richard Parker goes of into the jungle without saying goodbye to Pi. He states "...Then Richard Parker, companion of my torment, awful, feirce thing that kept me alive, moved forward and disappeared from my life forever".