Life of Pi

Timeline created by pitfine
  • Pondicherry Zoo, India

    Pondicherry Zoo, India
    Pondicherry zoo was Pi's childhood. This is where he grew up, where he discovered himself and where he found his love of animals.
  • School

    School is the place Piscine Patel changed his name to Pi. He was sick of people referring to him as 'pissing' so when the new year came around, he made sure every teacher and student knew his name was Pi.
  • Pi's Religious Practises

    Pi's Religious Practises
    At the age of just 13, Pi has discovered his love of religion. He practised three rligions, and all without his knowing so.
  • Leaving India

    Leaving India
    The Patel family decided to move from India to Canada. This was because of the 'New India' wasn't all that it cracked up to be.
  • The Boat Sinks

    The Boat Sinks
    The boat sinks. As far as Pi knows, everybody has died. The only thing that has remained was a tiger, a hyena, an orantutan, a zebra and himself.
  • Just Pi and Richard Parker

    Just Pi and Richard Parker
    After a painful fifteen days, the only remaining living things left on the lifeboat is Pi and Richard Parker (tiger). With minimal food and drinking water, Pi's life is in the question.
  • Pi Meets Mysterious French Man

    Pi Meets Mysterious French Man
    After many months at sea, Pi has gone blind, has next to no food and has nearly trained Richard Parker. After he had lost all hope, Pi met a mysterious French man who talked about food and death.
  • The Death of the French Man

    The Death of the French Man
    Without knowing, the French, man has jumped on to Pi in an atempt to eat him. But before he can, Richard Parker jumps to the safety. Pi wept. The weeping has caused Pi vision to return, but all he can see is a mangled face.
  • The Island

    The Island
    As Pi approaches the island, he was overjoyed. He ran over as fast he could and ate all of the plants possible. He also met meerkats, who were incredibally nice. Richard Parker was enjoying himself too, but always returned to the boat at night.
  • Pi Leaves the Island

    Pi Leaves the Island
    One night, Pi decides that he would sleep in the tree with the meerkats. And after accidently dropping one out of the tree, he leans that the island is carnivorous. Pi decided at that moment that it was time to leave.
  • Land Ahoy!

    Land Ahoy!
    Finally after many months, Pi has landed off the coast of Mexico. Many people were very welcoming to him, and he felt very overwhelmed about what has happened.After landed, Richard Parker jumps out without hesitation.
  • The Japanese Interviewers

    The Japanese Interviewers
    A few days after the landing, Pi was interviewed by a couple of Japanese about the sinking of the ship. When Pi tells his story, the interviewers don't believe his story. He then tells an alternative story that has you thinking that the whole story was just a metaphor.
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