Life of Nat Turner

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    The LIfe of Nat Turner

  • Nat Turner had "visions"

    Nat Turner believed he had a talent that he could see the future. It is said that he could see visons before he was born, one vision was to end slavery.
  • Sold Three Times

    Nat Turner was sold three times in his childhood and hired out to John Travis in 1820.
  • The Runaway

    Nat Turner ran away from Samuel Turner, but after 31 days in hiding in the woods he returned after he recieved what he believed to be a sign from God.
  • Visions

    Nat Turner had a vision in 1825 of a bloody conflict between black and white spirits.
  • Signals

    Nat Turner took a solar eclipse that occured in Febuary 1831 as a signal that the time to rise up had come. He recruited several other slaves to join him in his cause.
  • Nat Turner led a violent insurrection

    Nat Turner and six other slaves killed the Travis family, this disorganized insurrection resulted in the murder of 51 white people.
  • The Hiding

    While Nat Turner hid away, white mobs took there revenge on the blacks of Southampton County. Estimates range from approximately 100 to 200 African Americans were killed. Nat Turner was eventually captured on October 20, 1831.
  • Nat Turner was tried in the Southampton County, Virginia Court and sentenced to death

  • Nat Turner was hung and skinned