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Life Of Bob Marley

By mah1801
  • Born

    Bob Marley was born in the village of Nine Mile in Saint Ann Parish
  • Judge not and One Cup of Coffee

    Judge not and One Cup of Coffee
    Recoreded These Two Songs " Judge Not" and "One Cup of Coffee"
  • Rita

    The day they got Married to Rita Anderson
  • Music

    Re-Cut's Old Jamz with Jab Records
  • New Song

    New Song
    I Shot The Sherriff Came Out
  • No Women No Cry

    No Women No Cry
    First International Hit "No Women No Cry" After the Album Rastaman VaBration
  • "Bang"

    Bob Marley was Shot but not Killed
  • Who Knew

    Who Knew
    Bob Marley was Diagnosed with Cancer
  • Cancer

    Grew To His Lungs and Stomach
  • Horrible

    Bob Marley Died of Cancer In Miami. He Was 36