Alessandro volta

Life History Of Alessandro Volta

By muzza
  • 1745

    Volta was born in Como, Northern Italy in 1745. He lived with his parents, Flippo and Maddalena.
  • 1769

    Volta did not talk until he was four years old. In 1769, he began to study electricity and published two books of his ideas.
  • 1774

    In 1774, volta appointed director of the royal school in Como. The following year he became Professor of physics.
  • 1776

    In 1776, while visiting local swamps, volta observed a mysery gas known then as swamp gas, which was used to light gas lanterns. volta was the first person to islate methane from swamp gas.
  • 1778

    he was appointed proffessor of physics at the university of pavia, a position he held for more than 40 years.
  • 1797

    he thought they had their own electricity and called it animal electricity.
  • 1800

    volta demonstrated that the combination of different metals and solution could produce an electric current.
  • 1818

    volta retired to his family home in Como.
  • 1827

    volta died this year. The term " volt " is based on his name.