Lewis Latimer

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  • Born

    Lewis Latimer was born on September 4, 1848 in Massachusetts
  • Period: to

    Years of living and Decessed.

  • Joined the U.S. Navy

    Latimer joiend the United States Navy in 1864 when then Civil War started.
  • Got married

    Latimer got married on September 20, 1873 to Mary Wilson.
  • Patents on Train Water

    Lewis made a patent for train water
  • Executes Drawings

    Executes Drawings
    Latimer completes drawings for Alexander Gram Bell for the telephone.
  • Invents Filiment

    Latimer invents a new carbon filiment to make electricity last longer.
  • Recives Patent

    Recives Patent
    Recives patent for the arc lamp.
  • Works with Edison

    Latimer gets to work with Thomas Edison.
  • Recives a patent

    Latimer resevs a patent for "Apparus and Cooling Disinfecting for Trains".
  • Writes a book

    Shortly before Latimer dies he writes a book about "Incandscents Eletric Lighting: A practical Description of Edison System."
  • Lewis Latimer Passes Away

    Lewis Latimer Passes Away
    Lewis Latimer passes away on December 11, 1928. He died at the age of 80.