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    Enivormental Policy

  • Wiliam Penn

    Wiliam Penn
    William Pen ordered the colonists save 1 tree for every 5 they cut down. This event was important because it enstilled preservation and was one of the fristr plans of managing resources.
  • Yellowstone Act

    Yellowstone Act
    Congress passed this act to make Yellowstone the first public park for people's enjoyment and to preserve nature. This Act is important because it was the start of land being set aside for nature which leads to our many public paarks to day.
  • Lacey Act

    Lacey Act
    The Lacey Act outlawed hunting in Yellowstone and outlawed transporting illegally obtained wildlife across state lines. This law protects us today by helping stop the spread of non-native plants and animals.
  • Missouri v. Illinios

    Missouri v. Illinios
    Missouri sued Illinios for polluting the Mississippi River by dumping the waste of Chicago into the river. The Supreme ruled in favor of Illinois allowing them to keep polluting the Mississippi. The impact of this today is that this created the mindset that it is okay to dump waste wherever.
  • Bison Preservation

    Bison Preservation
    President Roosevelt made a suggestion that the bison needed to be preserved because there were only 300 left. The first impact it has on us to day is that this created awarness for species declining in number. If it was not for this there might not be any bison left today also.
  • Burton Act

    Burton Act
    The Burton Act established that Niagra Falls would not be used for a hydroelectric dam. This is important because it recognizes the importance of natural beauty and shows how everything does not have to benefit humans.
  • National Parks Service Established

    National Parks Service Established
    National Parks are very important becuase they preserve land and protect animals. Today 4% of US land are national parks.
  • First Ethonal Plant

    First Ethonal Plant
    Ethonal fuel is a huge growing alternative enegry form. Many of our cars run on a mixture of gasoline and ethonol. By 2022 America is hoping to produce about 36 billion gallons of ethonol.
  • Bald Eagle Preservation Act

    Bald Eagle Preservation Act
    Congress passed the Bald Eagle Preservation Act to prevent the extinction of the eagle. The importance of this act was to save the nation symbol for becoming extinct. It is important today because without this Act the eagle would have died out.
  • Everglades National Park Established

    Everglades National Park Established
    It was important to make the Everglades a Nationa Park because there are many endangered plants and animals living there. The Everglades are a very important ecosystem so to lose it would hurt scientific research and the Floridian economy.
  • Antarctic Treaty

    Antarctic Treaty
    The Antarctic Treaty protected Antartica from the dumping of nuclear waste there. This Treaty protected the animals in Antartica and helped stoped pollution of the oceans
  • First Clean Air Act Passed

    First Clean Air Act Passed
    The Clean Air Act allowed the regulation of emissions and air pollutions. The importance to us humans is that it protects us from pollution related health problems and premature deaths. To the enviroment it help keeps pollutants out of the air.
  • Wilderness Act

    Wilderness Act
    Congress passed the Wilderness Act to ensure present and future generations benefits of resources from the wilderness. The impact this will have will be in the future when we run out of land we can have something to fall back on.
  • Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

    Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
    Wild and Scenic Rivers Act protects waterways from pollution,commercialization, and development. The reason this is important is becuase it shows how far the country has come when protecting the enviroment. In Missouri v. Illinois the court said it was fine to pollute the Mississippi, but no wit is not.
  • Blue Marble

    Blue Marble
    NASA released the first picture from outer space of the Earth. Once people saw the picture it raised awarness of enviromental issues. The importance of this picture was it got people thinking about the enviroment more
  • National Enviromental Policy Act

    National Enviromental Policy Act
    National Enviromental Policy Act was one of the first laws to make all branches of the governemnt conside rthe enviroment before building anything. This still impacts us today because the governemnt and companies must consider how their actions will affect the enviroment.
  • Cuyahoga River Fire

    Cuyahoga River Fire
    Cuyahoga River, in Cleveland, was so polluted that it caught fire 5 times! This caught the attention of the whole nation and more people saw how bad pollution is. Cleveland raised 100 million dollars to clean up the river and factories cut back on their operations to reduce pollution.
  • General Motors President Edward Cole's Promise

    General Motors President Edward Cole's Promise
    Edward Cole promised that there would be pollution free cars by 1980. This shows us that we must do our homework on companies when they say things like this because they are not always honest.
  • Earth Day

    Earth Day
    The First Earth Day was celebrated by 20 million people which raised awarness and people took it upon themselves to help out the enviroment. The importance of Earth Day was that after it Congress passed the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • Enviromental Protection Agency was created

    Enviromental Protection Agency was created
    The EPA was created to create and maintain conditions under which man and nature can exist in productive harmony. EPA is very important today because it enforces our enviromental policies we have today.
  • Endangered Species Act

    Endangered Species Act
    Congress Passed this Act to protect and save the species that are on the verge of extinction. This Act is extremely important because it has saved and will continue saving species from being extinct.
  • Safe Drinking Water Act

    Safe Drinking Water Act
    Congress made this Act to protects us from dirty drinking water. This Act is important because it saves us from sickness and possibly death.
  • Th Comprehensive Enviromental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

    Th Comprehensive Enviromental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
    This Act was a superfund to provide funds for cleaning up hazordous waste sites, pollutants, and spills in the enviroment. This Act was incredibely important because it cleaned up pollutants from the enviroment and still is doing the same today.
  • Montreal Protocol

    Montreal Protocol
    Montreal Protocol was a international treaty that worked on elimanating ozone-depleting hydrocarbons from the ozone. This brought awarness to the ozone and since this treaty was made harmful hydrocarbons in the ozone have gone down.
  • NASA warns Congress about Global Warming

    NASA warns Congress about Global Warming
    NASA warns Congress that the ozone is depleting and the ice is melting in Antartica. This event is significant because this what started all the political debates and scientific research about global warming.