Leticia Camacho Morales week 6 Language Policy Timeline

Timeline created by Leticia1972
  • 1891-1900 Introduced teaching all subjects in English in the public schools

    Introduced teaching all subjects in English in the public schools
  • 1900 Commisioner on Education Brumbaugh decided that English would be the language of instruction only in the secondary schools

  • 1903 The official Language Act granted official status to both English and Spanish

  • 1903 Language Act was revoked and the new Commissioner of Education re-established English as a medium of instruction in all grades

  • 1903-1917 The shifts in language policy continued

  • 1917 There was a change toward a mora nationlistic view. Spanish was reinstated as the medium of instruction for the first four grades

  • 1917-1930 The nationnalistic trend persisted

  • 1930 Commissioner of Education José Padín introduced a language policy which required all subjects except English to be taught in Spanish in the first eight grades

  • 1934 The language policy again shifted when the new Commissioner Blanted S. Winthrop made English the language of instruction in all grades

  • 1936 The president of the US wonder why Puerto Ricans after 38 years of occupation didn't acquire the English

  • 1941 Winthrop's policy was modified. English was re-established as the language of instruction in the secondary schools

  • 1948 First elected Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Muñoz Marín, established Spanish as the language of instruction in all grades. English was to be taught for one period a day as a second language

  • 1972-1976 After the 1968 Bilingual Act they implanted the Bilingual Projects: Padre Rufo and Papa Juan XXll Schools. These projects were maintanined for 4 years. The governor of Puerto Rico was Rafael Hernández Colón

  • 1980-1984 Governor Carlos Romero Barceló transfered the Bilingual Program to the English Department. In 1984 Romero Barceló signed the Bilingual Certification Law. It is hard to obtain the Bilingual Certification although the law is signed since 1984

  • 1991 Governor Rafael Hernández Colón declared Spanish the island's sole official language

  • 1998-1992 Rafael Hernndez Colón was elected as a Governor of Puerto Rico. They approved four new projects for the Department of Education in different universities to emphasized English as a second language

  • 1993 José Arsenio, Secretary of Education named a Director for the Bilingual Program

  • 2001-2008 Two different governors in Puerto Rico. Both belongs to same party and there wasn't big changes in the language policy

  • 2009 Present Governor Luis Fortuño was elected and tried to do what more than a century of American citizen ship has failed to accomplish. He wants to accomplish and the Puerto Ricans fluent in English. Installed a bilingual curriculum in 31 schools. Re

  • 1993 Pedro Roselló was elected Governor of Puerto Rico whose first official act was to make both English and Spanish the official languages