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Leslie Blankenship!!((;

  • Birth of Dwayne Micheal Carter!!((:

    Birth of Dwayne Micheal Carter!!((:
    Birthname: Dwayne Micheal Carter
    He was born at : New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
    Labels: Young Money Ent/Cash Money Records/Universal Motown
    Nicknames:Gangsta D, Weezy, Weezy F Baby, Wizzle, Baby Jr, Birdman Jr, Tune, and more
    He has one brother who is six years old
    Lil Wayne was forced to bid goodbye to his father who abandoned him and his mother right after he was born.
  • Lil Wayne's first recording for Cash Money Records was True Stories

    Lil Wayne's first recording for Cash Money Records was True Stories
  • Accidental shooting!!:O

    Accidental shooting!!:O
    Lil wayne was 14 years old when he was playing with his 44 gun. Later after that he dropped out of school only to get a G.E.D. To this day he has never went back to recive any other learning help.
  • Marrige!!<3

    Wayne has a daughter named Reginae Carter with Antonia “Toya” Johnson, his high school sweetheart.
  • Tha Carter released!

    Tha Carter released!
    a hugely popular album that helped cement his reputation as one of rap's leading performers. The single, "Go D.J." did well on the rap, hip-hop, and pop charts. Rolling Stone critic Christian Hoard said "Wayne's syrupy drawl sounds more dextrous than ever" on the album.
  • Devorse!!)):

    A two year marrage came with a baby girl named reginae. Toya tells press that there daughter still calls her father everyday and he does come down to see the wenever he can, They are still friends for the sake of there 10 year old daugher
  • Wayne got his first taste of success.

    Wayne got his first taste of success.
    As part of the Hot Boys, The group was made up of several of Cash Money's rising stars—B.G., Juvenile, Turk, and Wayne. Their debut album, Get It How U Live, sold more than 400,000 copies. Their next effort, Guerilla Warfare (1999) did even better, eventually selling more than 1 million copies. At the age of 16, Wayne was on his way to music stardom.
  • Dad of lil wayne!

    Dad of lil wayne!
    he left Lil Wayne and his mother when he was just born. then Birdman is not his father, but he is the closet thing too being a father. Birdman has been there for him for a long long time. and no Birdman is not his step father.