Laws Timeline

  • NAtionl Parks Service

    Preserves nature for future generations by setting aside land for parks
  • Soil Conservation Act

    Deals with soil erosion problems

    government provides control of pesticide distribution, sale, and use
  • Clean Air Act

    Provide research and technical assistance relating to air pollution control
  • Fish and Wildlife Act

    establishes comprehensive nationsl fish, shell fish, and wildlife resources policy with emphasis on the commercial fishing industry
  • Price Anderson Act

    Limits Liability of the nuclear industry if there is an accident
  • Wilderness Act

    Protects wildlife for future generations
  • Water Resource Planning Act

    Plans had to be creates to maintain water adequacy in the US
  • Water Quality Act

    Sets standards for water quality in US
  • Land and Water Conservation Act

    Preserves and creates outdoor recreational areas
  • Species Conservation Act

    conserves and protects biodiveristy in threatened and endangered species
  • Freedom of Inforamtion Act

    Allows public to request and obtain information from companies
  • National Trails System Act

    Sets up trails for public use
  • National Environmental Policy Act

    Assures that all branches of government take into acount environmental impacts before taking federal action
  • Marine Mammal Protection

    Protects marine mammals and their habitats
  • Clean Water Act

    Establishes basic regulations for disregarding pollutants into waters of US and sets standards for surface water
  • Endangered Species Act

    Provide framework to protect threatend and endagered animals and their habitats
  • Forest and Rangeland Renwable Reource Planning Act

    Which authorizes long range planning by US forest service to ensure future supplies
  • Renewable Resource Planning Act

    Requirse the secretary of Ag. to have an assessment of the nations renewable resources every 10 years
  • Safe Drinking Water Act

    Protects the quality of drinking water in the US

    Multilateral treaty to control trade of wild animals and makes it illegal to trade endangered species
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

    Controls transportation, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste
  • National Forest Management Act

    Protects biodiverity in national forests
  • Federal Land Policy and Management Act

    guides the buruea and outlines their control on public land
  • Surface Minning and Reclaimation Act

    Regulates surface minning and reclamation of land
  • Soil and Water Conservation Act

    Gives USDA assessment and planning authority for conservation and protection of soil and water
  • Arctic Conservation Act

    unlawful to take native animals, engage in harmful interferances, enter specific designated areas, introduce species, introduce pollutants, discharge pollutants, and import certain arctic items
  • Energy Tax Act

    Discourages purchase of energy inefficient cars by placing a tax on cars that do not meet standards
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act

    Also known as the "Superfund" and provides money to clean abandoned or uncontrolled hazardous waste sites
  • Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act

    Authorizes technical and financial assisstance to the state for the development of coservation plans for non game fish
  • Low Level Radioactive Policy Act

    Eased burden on states that recieved nationals low level radioactive waste
  • Nuclear Waste Policy Act

    Supports the use of deep geological repositories and the safe storage or desposal of radioactive waste
  • International Environmental Protection Act

    Multilateral treatment to protect the environment
  • Food Security Act

    allowed lower commodity price and income support and established a dairy herd buy out program
  • Emergency Wetland Resource Act

    Allowed federal government to protect wetlands
  • Montreal Protocol

    Reduces ozone depleting substances
  • Ocean Dumping Ban

    Bans dumping in the ocean
  • Madrid Proteocol

    International treaty that added new feautres to the system of international regestration of marks
  • Pollution Prevention Act

    Focused everyone attention on reducing pollution through cost effective changes in p[roduction, opperation, and raw material use
  • Waste Reduction Act

    Improves data collection and decimation regarding reduction of toxic chemicals
  • Lacey Act

    Makes it unlawful to buy, sell, transoprt, import and export animals and plants prohibitted by law
  • Environmental and Eduacation Act

    Establishs federal aducation program
  • California Desert Protection Act

    Established Deatnh Valley and Joshua Tree national prarks
  • Food Quuality Protection Act

    gives strict food safety laws
  • Kyoto Protocol

    International agreement linked the United Nations framework convention on climate change and emission reduction targets