Laurie Halse Anderson-Twisted-250

  • Page 1-26

    Tyler is working on the roof due to his "evil deed" he comitted. His father and mother comes to pick him up. They are getting ready for a party at the Milbury's house (his father's boss and his crush and his bully since middle school). Total pages read- 26
  • Page 27-45

    While at the party Chip and Tyler armwrestle for a game of golf between their parents. Chip's dad suggest that Tyler's dad bring Tyler to the gym and Tyler and Chip could workout together. Chip pushes Tyler into the waiters and they spill the wine glasses everyehere. He lands on Bethany and she injurs her foot. Total pages read-44
  • Page 45-92

    Tyler walks in on Parker and his friends tormenting Yoda. He grabs Parker and slams himagainst the locker. Chip walks in and tries to scare Tyler, but Tyler stands his ground. Its around Christmas time and Tyler's and Hannah's mom makes the go to take a photo, but their dad is late and they reschedule. Total pages read-91
  • Page 93-128

    Bethany invites Tyler to the school bonfire, football game, and then a big party afterwards. While at the party Tyler finds Yoda and his sister! Total pages read- 126
  • Page129-156

    While at the party Bethany gets really drunk then wants to have sex. Tyler says no because he doesn't think it's right. She gets mad and tells everyone she blew him off. After the party Tyler tries to find Bethany a ride, but her friends left earlier. He finds her brother, but hes wasted so he drives them home. On the way home Bethany and Parker kiss and he gets angry. Total pages read- 153