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Lauren Felstead - Media Production - 'Mental' - G321

  • Initial Ideas

    Initial Ideas
    The title and idea was thought up – I came up with the name ‘Mental’ to go along with the storyline.
  • Period: to

    G321 - 'Mental' Production Timeline

  • Treatment

    I thought more in-depth with the direction I wanted to go with my film – how the character behaves, his mannerisms. I completed the spider diagram sheet, completing the headings and going into detail with factors such as: audience; characters; setting/location; opening sequence; narrative; themes and cinematography/style/expressionism. I also made a character profile to help suffice information towards the film – so I can picture how the character should be, should act.
  • Theory Lesson

    Theory lesson on British Social Realism – continuing with a lesson on films we have analysed before.
  • Drafted out plan for title sequence

    Reviewed the coming weeks, what is to be expected and dates to remember. I intend to make sure I have all work complete and clear in my mind (also as I won’t have enough time with typing everything up) so I plan to do the storyboard tomorrow. As there are problems connected to my school computer account, I plan to complete most work at home, at least until the problem is rectified. Started drafting out the plan for the title sequence.
  • Theory Lesson

    Trainspotting clip and theory work – notes made.
  • Theory Lesson

    Theory work – notes made.
  • Started drafting out my Storyboard

    Started drafting out my Storyboard
    Storyboard time! Theory lesson on scripts and continued with work on storyboarding and focusing on the opening scene and order of it.
  • Order of events & storyboard

    Worked on order of scene and plan to work on storyboard
    Snow day - no school!
  • Storyboard time!

    Work on storyboard! Snow day - no school!
  • More work done at home, including Storyboard

    More work done at home, including Storyboard
    Storyboard and finished off some more work at home
  • Film Distribution Research

    Work on Film Distributors
  • More research on Film Distributors

    Work on Film Distributors
  • Continued research on Film Distributors

    Work on Film Distributors
  • Theory Lesson

    Theory on the concept of ‘realism’ – made notes.
  • Work on class presentations

    Work on other presentations.
  • Continued work on presentations

    Work on other presentations
  • Theory Lesson

    Theory on the concept of ‘realism’ and watched some real texts – made notes
  • Continuing with Storyboard

    Continue storyboard
  • Finishing off work!

    Finishing off work!
    Continued with pre-production work, the main artifact and the evaluation up until Thursday February 10th 2011 – its difficult to keep track of the dates due to the Christmas holidays and other attributions, but most work was done in class and at home.