Laura Ingalls

By Gmm007
  • Laura Ingalls was born

  • Her family leaves Wisconsin and moves to Kansas

  • Laura's sister was born and they moved back to Wisconsin

  • The family moves to Minnesota

  • Laura's sister loses her eyesight

  • Laura becomes a school teacher

  • She gets married to Almonzo Wilder

  • Laura's daughter Rose was born

  • Laura and Almonzo both suffer from diptheria and Almonzo gets partially paralyzed

  • Laura gives birth to a son who dies and their house burns down

  • The Wilders move to Florida

  • The Wilder's return to South Dakota

  • Laura starts to to work for a newspaper

  • "Little house in the Big Woods" is published

  • Almanzo dies

  • Laura receives first award for her books

  • Laura Ingalls Wilder dies