Laura Conger- 2R

  • 570

    Ancient Civilization BC-570 A.D

    1)In 500 BC a big sewer was built in Rome.
    2)In 2500 the Indus River valley has high level of public health and citywide sanitation.
  • Middle Ages 1000-1600s

    1)2)1690 Paris becomes first European city with sewer system
    2)1560-1600 industrialization in England leads to heavy deforestation and increasing substitution of coal for wood.
  • Enlightment Era

    1)In 1762 to the 1790’s Benjamin Franklin tries to regulate waste disposal and water pollution
    2)1800 Beginnings of first modern municipal sewers in London, but water supply is still frequently contaminated.
  • industrial Revulation

    1)1815- Corn Laws. This is a concern because people have died. The reason they died was because of abundance of foo
    2)1845- Irish Potato famine- so many people have died of starvation and disease.
    3)1812- First gas lights. This is a concern because it has coal tar and it will remain a problem into the 21st century.
    1. House of commons factory commissions began because the owner of the Yorkshire mill was investigating the conditions of workers in the mill. Before the commission a man had adnadon
  • Progressive Era

    1) 1895- sewage clean-up in London means the return of some fish species to the Thames River; because they were cleaning up the trash and waste that was in the river there was more of a chance for reproduction and more fish life to be maintained in the river
    2)1895 -- The American SPCA and American Humane Association abandon active lobbying to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat. they are trying make it known to protect the wildlife and their habitat.
    3)1899 -- March 3 -- Rivers and Harbors A
  • The Roaring Twenties

    1)five workers died at the Standard Oil refinery. They died by making lead gasoline. Seven other workers has died right after. Cities and states ban lead gasoline
    2)St.Francis Dam in las angeles kills over 500. So after the disaster they improved safety
    3)The Annapolis MD Harbor committee wants to stop pollution. A solution can be found
  • Period: to

    Air & Water Timeline

  • WWII And The Fifties

    1)1945: U.S. President Harry Truman issues Proclamation on the Continental Shelf clears way for oil drilling offshore.
    2)1949:First US conference on air pollution sponsored by Public Health Service
    3)1952: Chalk River nuclear test reactor explodes in Ontario. No one is killed, but thousands are exposed to highly radioactive waste.
  • 70's

    1)1970:Clean Air Act is passed.
    2)1975:Congress passes Hazardous Waste Transportation Act
  • 80's

    1)1980- Gasohol Competition Act passed by congress
    2)1980- National Security Act mandates all gasoline be blinded with a minimum 10 percent grain alcohol.
  • 90's

    1)1991:Nov 27:Japan vows to shut down drift net fishing, a decision seen as a major victory by marine conservation groups
    2)1993:President Clinton signs order restricting logging in old growth forests
  • 21st century

    1) Environmental Working Group says that sources of drinking water for more than 7 million Californians
    2)2004:Nov. 5- Russia ratifies Kyoto treating, putting it into effect worldwide even without US approval
  • upcoming future

    1)the cold dense water pushes it way up to the equator. the process is called deep water formation.
    2)More than 300 times the earth’s electrical need are in the solar power up in the upper layers of the tropical ocean.
    3)If we was to kill off all insects then the rest of the population would soon disappear
    4)protojetiece is basically a big rotten plant
    5) the surface water in the middle of the earth is heated by the tropical sun