Larry Laudan: 16 October 1941 to Present

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  • A Rough Start

    Laudan was born roughly a year before the United States declared war on Japan, in Austin Texas. His early years in a world at war lead to a deep-thinking man with an act for being controversial. He goes on to write 10 books challenging the philosophy of science every step of the way.
  • Beyond Positivism And Relativism

    Beyond Positivism And Relativism
    This book is a collection of papers written by Laudan, written as a suitable middle ground between positivism and relativism. He makes bold statements about the nature of science and evidence. Laudan writes with no fear of ruffling scientific feathers.
    Citation: Laudan, Larry. Beyond Positivism and Relativism: Theory, Method, and Evidence. Westview Press, 1996.
  • Progress and Its Problems

    Progress and Its Problems
    A headstrong book containing about 276 pages. In his writing, Laudin attacks the status quo of the philosophy of science using historical examples to redefines scientific rationality and progress.
    Citation: Laudan, Larry. Progress and Its Problems. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1977.
  • Science and Values

    Science and Values
    Another book Laudin wrote to stir the pot of science. 176 pages long detailing the problems with empiricists and the post-positivists, while resolving the agreements and disagreements amongst scientists.
    Citation: Laudan, Larry. Science and Values: the Aims of Science and Their Role in Scientific Debate. University of California Press, 1984.
  • The Law's Flaws

    The Law's Flaws
    Laudan's most recent book containing 228 pages. He writes about the United States justice systems laws. Laudan notes that while the laws claim to seek the truth about a crime, in many situations those laws fail to do so.
    Citation: Laudan, Larry. The Law's Flaws: Rethinking Trial and Errors. College Publications, 2016.
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  • Present Day

    Laudan is now 78 years old, he has returned back to his hometown in Texas to work at the University of Texas at Austin in the law department.