Language policy timeline

By sermam
  • English in the public schools

    All subjects given in 1898-1900
  • English language Instruction

    Brumbaugh the Commissioner of Education deEnglish would be the language of instruction only in the Secondary schools
  • Official Language

    Official Language Act - official status toEnglish and Spanish
  • Language Act was revoked

    Language Act was revoked- re-establshement of English as a medium of instruction.
  • Spanish reinstalblecement

    There was a change to nationnalistic view. Spanish as the medium of imstruction for the first grades.
  • New language policy

    José Padín, Commissioner of Education, introduced a language policy which required all subjects except English to be taught in Spanish in the first eight grades.
  • A new language policy again

    Blanton S. Winmthrop made English the language of instruction in all grades.
  • Why puertorricans didn't acquire the English language?

    Dr. José M. Gallardo, and the President of the United States wondered why Puerto Ricans after 38 years of occupation didn't acquire the English
  • Winthrop's Policy was modified.

    English was re-established as the language of instruction in the secondary schools.
  • First elected governor

    Luis Muñoz Marín, First elected Governor of Puerto Rico, established Spanish as the language of instruction in all grades. English was for one period a day as a second language
  • Billingual projects

    Bilingual Projects: Padre Rufo and Papa Juan XXIII Schools. These projects were maintained for 4 years.
  • Blingual program

    Governor Carlos Romero Barceló transfered the Bilingual Program to the English Department. In 1984 Romero Barceló signed the Bilingual Certification Law.
  • Spanish as official language

    Spanish was declared the island's sole official language by Governor Rafael Hernández Colón
  • English and Spanish

    Pedro Roselló was elected Governor of Puerto Rico he declared both English and Spanish the official languages of the Island.
  • Bilingual curriculum

    Governor Luis Fortuño wants the Puerto Ricans fluent in English. Installed a bilingual curriculum in 31 schools.