Lance Armstrong Timeline

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  • The begining

    The begining
    He was born in Texas
  • Discovered his talend

    Discovered his talend
    He is a talent athlete
  • Became a profesional athlete

    Became a profesional athlete
  • After graduation

    After graduation
    He won his first medal in an amateur championship in cycling
  • Barcelona Olympics

    He participated with the team of US. It was his first participation in a Olympic games.
  • Tour France

    He won his first medal in the Tour France. And then he won the price for the 3 years consecutives.
  • Bad News

    He was noticed that he had testicular cancer and he passed a difficult bad time
  • Lance Armstrong Foundation

    He created a Lance Armstrong Foundation to figth against cancer. They sold a lot of yellow plastic bracelet in ordetr to raise money.
  • He came back

    He decided to return to the cycling competions.
  • Olympics games 2000

    He participated in the olympics game in Sydned.
    After that he won 4 time consecutives the Tour of France.
  • Doping Investigation

    He was accused of doping and drug trafficking, and for that reason he lost his seven titles of the Tour of France ans he was expelled